Saturday, December 31, 2011

Edinburgh Castle, Part 2

Lookie here, I'm back with the last post for 2011.  As promised, today I've got pictures that Mom took at Edinburgh Castle.

This is the top of Royal Mile; if you turn around the castle is right there.

And here's what I looked like taking pictures all day.  I know my hat is goofy-looking, but a.) I like the bright colors on it and the pompom, and b.) it kept my ears toasty.

Here we all are, just about to go into the castle, except I think maybe Lee sprinted on ahead since he's not in the picture.

I thought this was a nice picture of the parental units; this was taken up on the battlements.

And then Mom took one of Missy and me : )  I have a bit of hat hair going on...well, hat hair combined with wind hair.  I'd French braided my hair that morning but so many wispies had escaped by lunchtime that I took it out and went back to a standard ponytail.  'Cause I'm sure you're interested in my hair.

Oh look, it's a butt picture!  Except Bennet, since he's getting his picture taken by Missy.

Hehe, here's Lee's butt again; not sure what Dad's doing but I thought it was kind of funny.

Edinburgh Castle is also home to the Honours of Scotland (the Crown Jewels) which are older than the English paraphernalia because the Scots were quick to hide their jewels from Cromwell, who melted down the English Crown Jewels.  You go through an exhibit to get to see the Honours and the sign said no photos, but a bunch of people were taking pictures so Mom did too.  I didn't, I'm a good girl.

This thing was kind of cool; it was a procession of figures that started out as flat paintings and as you move along the line, they gradually become more three-dimensional.

It's like they're walking out of the wall, huh?

This shows King James IV receiving the new sword of state in 1507 at nearby Holyrood Abbey.

The scepter dates back to 1494, but King James V had it lengthened in 1536.  Maybe he was having a contest with the English monarchs as to whose scepter was longer...

And there's Mary, Queen of Scots, shown as a 9-month-old baby which is when she was crowned.

I don't know who this lady is but I liked her sheer little shawl thing.  She looks pretty severe; I'm getting kind of a Jane Eyre vibe off her.

This scene shows the Honours being smuggled out of the castle by a pair of women to keep them from being melted down by Cromwell and his men.  I don't remember who the women were and my exhaustive two minutes of Googling hasn't turned up their names either so they shall remain nameless for now.  After we went through the exhibit, we got to see the Honours of Scotland in person, but of course you can't take pictures in there and they had a castle employee standing guard to make sure you didn't.  But you can see bunches of pictures of them here and I got myself some postcards with photos of them.

I think that dude on the left was in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which was in fact filmed in Scotland.

Here we all are in the Great Hall, which is decorated with lots of weaponry because that seems to be the thing to do in a castle's Great Hall.  I love how Lee and Bennet are pretending they don't know they're having their picture taken.

Hey look, it's another butt picture.

Holy smokes, here's proof that Salazar Slytherin was from Scotland!!  Aaauughhhh!

Last photo for the day, Missy and I walked into the little alcove to get out of the wind and cold while everyone else was taking a potty break.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  I'm glad I didn't arrive on the scene until *after* indoor plumbing got popular.

So that's all she wrote, for now anyway.  I just made a pan of brownies (more so I could eat brownie batter than the brownies...don't judge) so I've just totally negated my kickboxing workout today.  But I'm going to go chill out and watch some more Lois & Clark.  Hope you have a great New Year's!


CCsMom said...

Hi,Kik! I think that "severe" woman was Mary Queen of Scots grown . . . she was right behind the baby statue. But great post! Hope your passage into the new year was good. We're on the cusp of it right now -- it's 11:42 p.m. I came home from the A Team's as they are coming over here tomorrow to see our trip pictures and I still have some straightening up to do.

We were all playing that game that Lee sent Adam for Christmas. HOW FUN! I think Dad is contemplating buying US one -- so he can do the dance thing. Ha! We were ninja slicing fruit and now my shoulders are sore. But WHAT A WORKOUT. It was definitely a hit. I think that one session talked Adrienne's folks and a few others into thinking they have to have one of their own.

Happy New Year, kid. Love you, love you!!!

CCsMom said...

Oh, and the reason I take "butt" pictures is because no one really wants their picture taken -- so I take it anyway with your backs turned. Now you know the reasoning behind it! Get it? BEHIND it . . .

Giffysk8s said...

Too cool! My list of places I want to see keeps getting longer and longer and longer. That's totally your fault, you know! Reading your blog is like taking a tour with a really interesting guide. :)

And yes, I did want to hear about your hair. And I'm glad you are a good girl. I don't wanna be the only pea in my rule-following pod!