Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm Alive!

I have finally discovered where all the hand towels were hiding; one had gotten mixed in with Lee's laundry and we found Sadie laying on the last one because apparently I dropped it on the way to the laundry room.  And then after that got settled, I got a severe case of the Don't Wannas and I didn't do much of anything for, like, three or four days.  It was fun.  Lee did not much of anything all weekend too.

But now I am forced to admit that my Christmas cards, despite being made before the end of November, will probably not reach their recipients until after Christmas, and the prospects of our packages arriving on time are also vanishingly small.  I think I'll get them sent out by Wednesday so we'll see what the USPS can do with it.

In the meantime, I've chipped off just the very tip of a very large photographic iceberg so I can share some pics from when everyone was out here for Thanksgiving.  In England, where they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but the pub a couple doors down from us did do a turkey dinner that night which I thought was funny.  But we made our own turkey dinner here so we didn't go to the pub, and those aren't the pictures I'm sharing today anyway.  Perhaps I should have waited till tomorrow to post when I could do so a bit more coherently, or perhaps I need more caffeine.  Or chocolate.  Ooh, there's caffeine in chocolate, so that'd be two birds with one stone.  Hmm.

Oh yeah, pictures.  But first, a little story ('cause I haven't yammered incoherently for long enough yet).  My parental units were due to arrive on a Sunday at like 11:30 or something.  Turns out that we overestimated the time it would take us to get to Heathrow (hey, for once there wasn't too much traffic) so we arrived an hour early, so Lee and I took a bit of a nap in the car for an hour before we went into the airport, only to discover that their plane was late.  Then the arrival time kept changing about every 10 minutes and we were both STARVING by the time they finally *did* arrive two hours late, and that's where the McDonald's trip came in.  So now you're all caught up.

After Mickey D's, we drove out to Stonehenge and wouldn't you know it, this time of year they close up at 4:00 in the afternoon and thanks to that extra-late plane, we arrived around 3:55.  Fail.

But we did see a pretty sunset.

And Mom was thrilled to see Stonehenge even through a chain-link fence off the side of the road.  But we still went back the next day.

And we had the typical English sunshine while we were there.  Here's the first of Mom's butt pictures.  If you were here in 2008 when my parents visited us on Okinawa, you may remember my mom's fondness for taking butt pictures.  If you weren't around then, here's the deal:  Mom seems to have a weird predilection for getting behind people (that is to say, me) and taking pictures of their butts (that is to say, my butt).  Which I wouldn't mind so much if my butt were a bit less substantial than it is now.  On the up side, at least this time it's mostly hidden by a winter coat, bwahahahahaa.  Butt picture fail.

And here's a funny picture of me and Lee that is NOT of our butts.  For which I am grateful.  I'd like to think this is my better side.

And here's me with my parental units, with all our butts facing Stonehenge so you can't see them in the picture.  Of course, Mom doesn't like having pictures taken of HER butt, so there you go.

Yep, Stonehenge looks pretty much the same as it did in September.  And I still want to do the inner circle tour thing sometime and see what it looks like from the inside out.

Mom's possible Christmas card photo #1.  Because nothing says Christmas like an ancient pre-Christian monolithic stone circle.

Mom took this I suppose because she liked the picture of Stonehenge on the side of the bus.  I think she was trying to make a movie out of her pictures, because between hers and ours, I have about a gabillion to go through and I don't even have copies of Missy and Bennet's pictures yet.  Of course, I haven't gotten up to the part where they arrived yet either.

Anywha, after Stonehenge we had planned to go to Old Wardour Castle, perhaps my favorite of the dozen or so English castles I've seen so far, but Wardour is only open on the weekends this time of year.  Double fail.  So we just went back to our casa, and sprung Sadie and Vader out of doggie jail, and then the Tuesday before Thanksgiving we took the parental units up to Bury St. Edmunds (well, more like down, since we live north of there) so they could see a bigger English town and the abbey there.  And we had lunch at Pizza Express and I want to marry their snowball dough balls.  YUM.

Hey look, it's another butt picture.  Once again, my jacket covers my bum.  I think I need a pair of sweatpants or something that say JUICY across the bum for the next time Mom wants to do butt pictures.  Which reminds me of an episode of Gilmore Girls, but I digress.

Maybe next Christmas we should chip in to get Mom a better camera.  Sure, she took some pictures that are pretty good, but compared to the ones we get off either of our cameras, the colors feel washed out.  Hmm.

The abbey is another one to suffer in the Dissolution of the Monasteries, and the worst part of that whole thing is the part where the massive church libraries were destroyed.  But now we have some picturesque ruins to photograph...which I don't think quite makes up for the lost libraries.

Miss Vicki, I picked out this branch picture just for you.

Mom had me and Lee go over to this ruined wall to have our picture taken and Lee told me to get in the shorter opening because I'm shorter than he is.  I'd've been happier if he'd said to get in the thinner opening because I'm thinner than he is, but alas, that isn't true.  Harumph.

And here's Dad and Lee with more ruins.

Proof that we had some lovely autumn colors here a few weeks ago.  I think there's not a whole lot of that left now; we've had rain for several days in a row so it's beginning to look a lot like winter.  Only not the snowy kind of winter.

Mom thought this looked like a giant hand reaching out of the earth.  I can see that.

An artsy picture of the newer church with the ruins of the abbey.  And you know I didn't take it 'cause it's not crooked.

Let's just drive home the fact that America is really a young nation.  The earliest things we have probably date only to the 1700s for the most part.  I'm such a history nerd.

This last picture was taken in the abbey gardens; I really want to go back there next summer when the roses are in bloom and take lots of pictures.  Anyway, there are several monuments there to the soldiers of both world wars, and since Remembrance Day was pretty recently we saw lots of poppy markers all around them, so that's what this is.

That's about it for this time,  maybe next time I'll have it together a bit more and be less rambly.  Then again, maybe not.  Ta-ta for now, peeps!

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CCsMom said...

Good pictures! I am having trouble with my card reader or something . . . I took several pix at Adrienne's graduation, went to download them and some of them deleted. I am sick about it. Almost afraid to get into these pictures -- it was doing something funny this morning where it wouldn't open the picture. It showed in thumbnail, but wouldn't open it. Makes me VERY LEARY. Hope you are doing great. And yes, I agree, these pix seem to be grey. Love ya!