Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let's Talk Turkey

The evening of Thanksgiving, I thought I'd never want to eat again I was so stuffed, but wouldn't you know I was ready for breakfast first thing Friday morning.  And breakfast was sweet potato casserole and it was goooooooood.  But anyway, today's pictures are all from Thanksgiving day.  No parades, no football, but a lot of cooking and food and Wii if you were a dude.

We didn't take too many pictures of the prep work, but I started in at 7:30 that morning with a list of everything that needed to be made.  Missy joined in after her shower, then Mom, and then Liz came over with Bobby shortly after noon.  So here's Missy with the lemon meringue pie that kinda looked like a mushroom cloud.  Most of the dishes were a collaborative effort; I made the lemon part and Missy did the meringue for this pie, and for the sweet potato casserole I did the sweet potato part and Liz put together the crunchy pecan topping (which I think should be on far more foods 'cause YUM).

The one masculine addition to our feast:  Bobby fried the turkey.  Also yum.

Hey look, there's another picture of my butt.  Mom said she didn't send out the Big Ben or Stonehenge pictures in her Christmas card, so I'm betting it's a butt picture (if nothing else, then in the card she sends me and everyone else gets something different).  Anyway, Missy and I were draining all the juices out of the pan the ham was cooked in.  We even got a second ham a week after Thanksgiving 'cause Lee didn't get enough leftover ham to make him happy the first time around : )

We also made some table decorations (Missy was totally in charge of the decorations).  I got the supplies to make these cute little pumpkins I found on someone's blog somewhere, so Mom put them together and Missy added the cinnamon stick stems and some felt leaves with the hot glue gun (Mom is dangerous with a hot glue gun).

And here's Missy with the other project, little turkeys!  I found this idea over on Our Best Bites (there's a link somewhere in the blog list to the right).

Missy and Liz put the turkeys together using some fake flowers and felt Missy got in the States before she came over here.  I had the googly eyes already but I should rustle up some more 'cause I think they're all gone now.

And here's what the guys were doing.  They also did one quick run to the store and watched far too much Top Gear (it's a British car show that is also played in the States, I can't STAND it but I am in the minority).

Missy decked out the table because she's far more decoratey that I am.  

And this gives you an idea of all the food we had, minus the desserts that aren't out here (just for dessert we had Mississippi mud, apple pie, pumpkin praline pie, lemon meringue pie, and pecan pie).  And yes, that sign says Keep Calm and Walk the Dog (Mom sent it to me).

My friend Sarah sent me the recipe for these yeast rolls (which is extra funny since it's a well-known fact she hates to cook).  The recipe said to form the dough into balls but it just would NOT do that so they came out kind of weird shapes.  Still tasted good though, I've made them several more times since and they still don't look all pretty like the picture on the original recipe.  But when does anything I make ever look like the picture in the cookbook?

There's everyone...well, half of Mom and Missy since they were on the edges.

Lee should be afraid.

Liz, Missy and I did not plan it but we were all wearing shirts of a similar color.

And then Bennet insisted on taking a picture from the other side so I'd be in one (other than that picture of Missy and me working on the ham).

Right after we sat down to eat, Lee grabbed the salt grinder and it pretty much exploded all over the table.  And we all laughed.  And then had to clean it up.

And I find it hilarious that Bennet had to get the Queen of the Kitchen apron when he grabbed the broom.  We were finding salt crystals in the dining room for a week, although Sadie and Vader seemed to like that part.

After dinner, I nominated the guys for dish duty and they all balked which I did not find remotely cute or funny considering I'd been hard at work since 7:30 that morning.  But they did eventually do the dishes.

See?  Proof. And it's a butt picture that doesn't feature my butt.  Yay!

And there's me at the end of the day, hanging out with Sadie in the cave under the stairs.  It used to be the Vader Cave but Sadie uses it too so now it's just the cave.


CCsMom said...

Just had dinner with the Blackburns at our house where we then showed them all our pictures. AND NO, those are NOT butt pictures -- I can send you a butt picture if you'd like. Remember, Lee took it of YOUR butt on Okinawa. Now that's a butt picture.

Giffysk8s said...

Your home is so pretty! Love the DR table and chairs and all of your new paint. Like the cave, too. :)

TG looks like it was so much fun! And doubly delicious!

Emma would love those pumpkins and turkeys. I need to figure those out. Got any good ideas for Christmas table decorations?

CCsMom said...

Kik, Dad is SHOCKED you don't like "Top Gear"!!!

Christy Lynn said...

A.) It's about cars. When have I ever been interested in cars?

B.) The guys on that show are kinda mean.

C.) That thing with the cow on top of the car was beyond the pale.