Monday, January 2, 2012

The Accolade, Part 2

So far, 2012 has been all about cross stitching and watching Lois & Clark:  The New Adventures of Superman.  Seriously, I started season 2 of that show just before Christmas and I'm halfway through season 4.  It's kind of fun to laugh at the '90s-era special effects, but I honestly like the show and don't know why I didn't hardly ever watch it when it was on the air.  Well, taking care of that now ; )

Since we just switched over to a new month (and a new year), it's time to share a progress pic of the last stitching project, which was The Accolade:

Photo courtesy of Scarlet Quince, from whence I bought the pattern.  I haven't connected with it as much as the other projects I'm working on; this one is going the slowest out of the four, although I've done a lot more since I posted Part 1.

Wow, the shading shows up pretty well in this picture.  I thought I was *never* going to finish that stained glass window!!!  SO MUCH confetti stitching, by which I mean one or two stitches in a color in a particular area and that's it.  As I said before, the first 10x10 square of the chart had over thirty different symbols in it, and of course it takes longer to stitch when you're constantly switching out colors.  It went a little faster when I started working on the bit under the window since it was a larger area with fewer color changes, but I did spend 5 or 6 hours on New Year's Eve doing mostly confetti stitching.  But hey, I am now at 6,311 hard-fought stitches on this project, which still feels slightly pitiful when you consider that's around half as many stitches as the The Quarry, which was my other slow-starter.  And of course those two are the largest projects in my rotation : )  But hey, I think this one will go faster next time it's up in the rotation since the next bits of the pattern are less confetti.

And there you can see how big the whole project will be in comparison to what I have done so far, which is just 4.2%.  Hey, that's a lot better than the less-than-1% I had done last time, right?

And here you can see just how many different colors I was working with; I had to start a second needle board for this project because I ran out of room.  There were a number of colors that were used for just ONE stitch in the entire first page of the design, and I'd park a needle on the needle board any time I had floss left when I finished stitching a particular color, so that's how often I changed colors.  I still like the needle board idea; it makes things a little bit faster when I discover the odd stitch here or there that I missed doing in a particular color because I can just pull it out of the board, do my one stitch, and put it back.  But I have to be pretty careful now about getting the threads tangled up since a lot of them are pretty long.

Because I'm a nerd and I keep track of how far along I am on all my SQ projects, I just added it up and I did 50,599 stitches this year (plus I finished up a couple small projects on the side).  I did the most stitches on Eilonwy with all that black at the top, but percentage-wise I'm furthest along on Miranda, which is January's project.

Well, off I go to vacuum and mop downstairs.  It's been muddy out so the living room is all over doggy paws, and I'm watching a friend's Jack Russell terrier and somehow that little dog tracks in twice as much dirt as my two and her paws are TINY.  Argh.  Anyway, I have to get the floor clean before I do my workout in there today, I'm not laying on a muddy floor to do crunches!


CCsMom said...

Wow! That's something else!!!

When we looked through the pictures yesterday, seeing them on the screen, it really made the sunlight pop on some structures -- looked REALLY neat. I need to go through our pictures and print some off . . . Dad spent a lot of time picking out just a few to show -- there are SO MANY. But it was fun.

Hope your workout goes well and you get rid of your headache. We're back to work tomorrow. I feel fortunate because all of them except Adam (from yesterday) have to go back to work today for teacher in-service, but we have today off. BONUS!!!

Love you!

Giffysk8s said...

Wow, you've stitched a lot! I haven't stitched at all for two months. Had to give my eyes and fingers a rest. Need to get back to my irises~I am so close to being finished (by close I mean @ 70%). Someday I will get to Miranda, She is sooooo pretty! Oh, and then there's my Degas which I haven't touched in almost a year. Sigh. Oh, I am so intrigued by your needle board. I fear I would turn it into a huge knotted disaster.

Hope your Tuesday is off to a good start!