Friday, January 27, 2012

Calton Hill

Missy is putting me to shame posting pictures from Scotland much faster than I am.  And I'm thinking that mine are now out of order because it's just too many brain bytes to keep three cameras' worth of photos in chronological order, so I'm just going to embrace the chaos because that's how I roll.

On the morning of our last day in Edinburgh (we caught a train at like 4 in the afternoon), we took a cab out to Calton Hill overlooking the city.  Missy had somehow gotten her hands on a tourist map of Edinburgh and it looked interesting so we said hey why not.  The hill is crowned with several monuments in Ancient Greek style.

Lee has been teasing me so much about my pictures coming out crooked, so I tried really hard to get one that was NOT crooked and I won't even tell you how many tries it took 'cause it's kind of embarrassing.  I'm thinking maybe my eyes are crooked.  Anyway, this is the Dugald Stewart Monument.

And this is the unfinished National Monument. What's amusing to me is that I don't think it occurred to any of us while we were there that this was unfinished, we thought it was supposed to look that way.  It was begun in 1826, and then they ran out of funds to complete it so it's been this way for a right long while (at least, a long while by American standards.  By British standards, that's like 40 winks or something).

Lee insisted we all get in a group photo.  'Cept for him since he took it.

And this is us having some fun : p

Here's the Nelson Monument, also note how this one is pretty much NOT crooked thankyouverymuch.

And a picture through tree branches just for Miss Vicki.

Lee and Bennet sitting on the National Monument...they think they heard someone yell at them to get down so the skedaddled really fast after this picture was taken.

Just kind of a fun silhouette with the sun coming up.  I was playing with the camera a little bit.

And here's a view of the city from atop the hill.

Lee must have taken this 'cause I don't remember photographing any cannons.

One more pic of the city because I like it; that Ferris wheel was close to the Christmas faire we went to earlier in our visit.

One more group photo.  After we were done looking around on Calton Hill, I don't think we had a firm plan as to what to do next but we decided to start walking down towards the city and then we ended up in a cemetery.

Lee still thinks it's slightly creepy that I like to walk around cemeteries periodically, and the rest of our group seemed to think it was interesting too.

I found this cross lying on the ground and thought it looked kind of neat and also sad since it was broken.

Here you can see how the cemetery is built into the hillside.

Mom  liked this photo; I liked how the light was shining on the headless angel so I was pretty pleased with how this picture turned out.  I think I've said it before but I'll say it again, we lucked out with weather while we were in Scotland.  Now I just need to sit down and organize the photos so I can order some prints to scrapbook...not that I don't have over three years' worth of pictures already printed out.  I have been working on an Okinawa scrapbook this week though so yay me.  I'm always so far behind that it's not possible for me to ever be bored.  At least, I'll try to be optimistic and think about how I have lots of choices for what photos to scrap next, and try not to dwell on the part where I probably will never catch up.  Positive energy!


Giffysk8s said...

Oh my, there are lots of photos that I love! Of course, the one through the tree branches speaks to me. :) And the one of the National Monument silhouette with the sun is stunning! Kudos for such an awesome shot! The lighting is perfect. I like the one with the cemetery, too. Cool shadows and perfect sky. Same goes for the headless angel. I think the headless angel is way creepier than a cemetery, ha ha. Also love the group shot because you all look like you were having so much fun! I want to photoshop myself into the photo. Or make a trip to England to be in one for reals. :)

CCsMom said...

Yes, I think that National Monument had ropes surrounding it, which normally means "don't go there". Ha! Like Lee and Bennet NOT to play within the guidelines, eh? Great photos. Loved how green the grass was in the cemetery.

Forgot to tell you in my email that Adam is SUPER EXCITED. At the end of April, he and Adrienne are going to Denver for the Five Iron Frenzy kick-off concert. I think his favorite band in the world has been disbanded for 10 years, so he is super pumped. I think that is super cool. Love ya!