Thursday, January 5, 2012

My LOL Moment For Today

I *heart* George Takei, he cracks me up posting amusing pictures on Facebook (for any non-geeks out there, Takei is the original Sulu from Star Trek, and also that guy on the TV commercials who goes "OH MYYYY!" and has a pretty cool speaking voice).  Just saw this one a few minutes ago:

Funniest thing I've seen today : )  Yes, I'm a nerd.  And I like it that way.  Lee just kind of tunes me out when I start expounding on the finer points of starship mechanics, dilithium crystals, and the age-old Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate (my answer:  unite for an epic WIN).  However, Lee is totally on board with me inventing a transporter 'cause that would just be cool.  Ironically, while I love science fiction, I am not much good at science, particularly physics, so that transporter is going to be a long time coming.

I need to get a move-on with the next Scotland blog post, I'm just procrastinating about digging into that mountain of pictures!  They'll be up sometime before February ; )

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I love it!