Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holyrood Palace & Abbey

I started this blog post two days ago and maybe today I'll actually get it posted, although I kinda hate to post anything else as I'm still slightly obsessed with Stardust and it makes me smile to see that picture up on top of my blog every day.  I won't tell you how many days in a row I watched that movie...although I've also watched Clueless twice in the past couple days.  Maybe I'll blog about movies and/or music again in the next couple days even though Amber is the only one interested in what movies I keep on repeat : )

Sooooooooooo let's keep chipping away at the Scotland pictures.  This might actually be the LAST batch of those (hurrah!) at least until I check out the pictures that Missy sent me.  I'm kind of scared to do that; it's taking me far too long just to get through the ones I have from us and my parents.  But anyway, on our last day in Edinburgh, after we took the cab to Calton Hill and then got a little bit lost and walked through the cemetery, we visited Holyrood Palace.  I'm not sure if that was the plan all along or if we jut happened upon it and said, "Ok, let's do that!"

This is after the "hey let's do this" powwow and potty break.  I actually don't know why I felt compelled to post this picture but let's just go with it.

Hey look, there's my sweetie pie in the courtyard of the palace.  Kind of gives you an idea of the size of the place.

ETA:  So that's not Lee, it's Bennet...guess I didn't look closely enough at the picture 'cause I thought it was Lee!  Ok, next time you guys have to wear different color coats...and I'm gonna go get my eyes checked.  I feel like a "should have gone to SpecSavers" commercial...

Gigundor fountain...thank you to Mom for taking this picture, because all of mine were detail shots.  Sometimes I forget to take the big picture because I like the little details.

There's the top of the fountain; looks to me like all the knights are wearing bloomers under their armor.

Lee's hassled me so much about taking pictures crooked that I decided to do crooked ON PURPOSE and make it artsy.  What do you think, does it work?

Then I took a non-crooked picture just to prove I could do it.  I think I like the crooked one better.

Can't have a picture of a unicorn without one of a lion, so here you go.

This was right above the door we went through, and this is when we discovered that not all of us had the same audio tour.  Missy had a dude who talked about the unicorns, and I had a chick who didn't.

Here's the inner courtyard and Lee's going to laugh at me 'cause this picture is crooked.  But I think MOM took it not me!  So the palace was pretty cool; you can't take pictures in there though so you'll have to take my word for it.  Lots of old furniture and paintings and historical type stuff.  And then when you finish the tour, you get to go through the ruins of the abbey, which you can photograph.  So I did.  Crookedly.

For once, Henry VIII is not to blame for the ruination of the abbey; the roof caved in during the 18th century, long after Henry's time.  Plus Henry wasn't king of Scotland, though he fought a war with Scotland and during that time English troops did damage the abbey.  So maybe it's Henry's fault after all.

And here's where you can see how I love the detail shots.

Some of the stonework is weathered and getting hard to discern, but a lot of it is still in fairly good condition.

The capitals of the columns (that's the top part that's often decorated, oooh I know something!) were all different and I took pictures of probably a half a dozen, which you will see if you keep scrolling.

I think maybe I should have lightened this picture up a bit, I think it's too dark to see details clearly.

But this dude is clearly creep-tastic.  And happy about it.

I don't know what family crest this is, but having taken French for like seven years, I can tell you the motto means "Without fear I think", which to my mind could take on totally different meanings depending upon the tone you read it in.  Go ahead, say it out loud to yourself a dozen times or so and see if it makes you laugh.  No?  Just me?  Ok then.

More carvings, just for fun.

And another column...maybe I should have waited longer to do this blog post, I don't feel like I'm doing the pictures justice since I'm not imparting historical tidbits and stuff.  But I would like to get around to the Ireland pictures before next summer.

Mom told me to get a picture of the ceiling, which I did, though it was difficult due to the lighting and this picture is kind of washed out.  But I tried.

Ok, that's the last of the columns.  And to wrap up the Scotland posts, I have several completely random pictures taken at different points during the weekend which somehow hadn't made it to the blog before now.

This is what all the classy Scottish people are wearing this winter.  No matter how many times I see The King's Speech, I still think a tuxedo jacket and bow tie look kind of strange with a kilt.  Dad would say I am a disgrace to my supposedly Scottish ancestors, to which I say neener neener, it's my blog.

Me in my goofy hat, which I wore again this morning when I took the dogs out for a walk.  We STILL have snow, and lots of it.  It even snowed again on Thursday night.  Sure, the snow was fun for a few days, but now I'm kind of missing Hawaii.  I've also become addicted to tea; I probably drink at least three cups a day and so when Liz and I went out to the UK grocery store on Tuesday, I bought enough tea to last through the zombie apocalypse.  But I digress, I was talking about Scotland.

One really cool thing we did that we have no pictures of is a tour of the underground.  We went into Mary King's Close, which is one of many long streets that are now underneath the city.  It dates back to the 1700s I think, and the buildings on either side of the narrow street were so very tall that it was permanently twilight at ground level; eventually the whole area was built over.  In the picture above you can see our tour guide, who was really entertaining *and* informative.  She told us how people who lived in the closes would take a bucket of the stuff you'd find in a toilet out to the front door, yell "Gardy-loo!" and toss it down the street where it would eventually run into the river, and with such a contaminated water supply is it any wonder that people drank alcohol instead of water?  The gardy-loo thing just tickled me and then I couldn't stop saying it for a week.  GARDY-LOOOOOO!  Oh, I feel so much better now.

We saw a room that was used as a kitchen and it had a hole in the floor, so as the tour group was filing into the room, the guide shined her flashlight (or should I call it a torch since I'm in the UK?) at the hole and said "Hole!" every time someone walked past her.  So of course we were all saying "Hole!" at random intervals for a week, too.  Gee, this was funnier in person than it sounds like it was when I type it out.  Just trust me, it was hilarious if you were there.  And if you weren't there, well, you missed out on a smashing good time.

I look at this picture and I just have no words.  We saw this in front of one of the many shops on the Royal Mile.  Where else would you see a lion in a tartan?

Lee, Missy, and Dad examining the map of Edinburgh that Missy scrounged up from somewhere.  This might have been the powwow that led to our tour of Holyrood.

We stopped for a snack and to warm up at the cafe at Holyrood, and each table had a thistle on it, so now you know what a thistle looks like.  I even bought myself a little silver thistle charm to go on my charm bracelet; I think I've got a dozen charms I need to have soldered on to the bracelet.  At this rate I may just need another bracelet.

With all the thistle stuff everywhere, I thought the name of this shop was totally punny.

And now I'm done with the Scotland pictures!  For now, at least.  Next up, I know Mom really wants to see Ireland pictures (and I think Liz does too) so maybe I'll just say to heck with chronology and post those and then come back to the other stuff.  Or maybe I'll take a look at the snowy village pictures I have still on the camera; after I wrote this post I walked around the village with my camera and I haven't even checked out the pictures yet.  Or maybe I'll do something completely different.  Ta-ta for now, peeps!


CCsMom said...

It should be "Without fear (comma), I think", don't YOU think?!!! Ha! Anyway, glad to see a new post since we didn't get to connect this weekend. Hope you had a good one. Love you!!!

Thoughts by B and M said...

Thanks for calling me sweetie pie! By the way, this is Bennet who is writing : ) Maybe you meant that more in a Delta Sig brotherly/sisterly love... Anyhoo - we hope that this finds you guys doing well!

Miss you guys and Gardy Lou!

Christy Lynn said...

ACK you're both wearing blue coats, I thought it was Lee! But fine, you can be a sweetie pie too, I guess :p