Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Snow Pics

Today was the first day that it actually felt like spring here, temps in the 60s and blue skies.  It was lovely.  So of course I'm now posting more snow pictures from a couple weeks ago.

This is pretty much what my front yard looked like first thing the next morning after we got the first snowfall (it actually snowed twice, once on a Saturday night and then almost as much again the next Thursday night).

I never bothered to shovel snow out of my driveway because a.) I didn't need to go anywhere when there was a ton of snow and b.) I don't have a snow shovel.  When I did leave the house several days later, I got out of the driveway just fine although I slid a little bit on the down slope, but then when I came back to the house I couldn't get the car UP the driveway.  I just parked in front of my driveway and then my very kind neighbor moved it for me later that afternoon.

There's our street sign, a little bit up the street towards St. Nicholas.

No one had been up in the churchyard yet when I walked up there, the snow was pristine.

You can just sorta see where the stairs are under the snow to go up into the graveyard.  I didn't walk around the graveyard though; I didn't want to accidentally tread on someone that I couldn't see with the snow everywhere.

This  is me trying to be artsy.  Is it working?

This is a sign on a little thatched-roof cottage around the corner from my house (yes, a real live thatched-roof cottage).  The cottage is available for rent now but I don't think I'd want to live there--it's cute but there's so MUCH going on in their garden and I am not the gardening type.  But I like to walk by there.

I don't know why I didn't think to take pictures of the field on the other side of the fence (you can see just a bit in the gap between the trees).  There are two ponies in that field right now, would have been a good excuse to go take their pictures.  Whenever we walk by there, Sadie always goes up to the fence to say hi, but there are two fences so we can't actually get anywhere close to the ponies.  The ponies do walk up towards us though so they're probably hoping for food and we can't even get close to them.  Sadie is always disappointed; she seems fascinated by other animals.  She was that way when there were sheep in the field too.

This house is across the street from where the pony field is.  I took pictures of several houses around the village, everything looked pretty with the snow on it.

Our neighbor owns a garage a couple blocks away from where we live, and all the cars out front of the garage got a healthy coating of snow.  Seriously, other than Sapporo, this is the most snow I've ever seen.  This is the only time I've ever had a lot of snow at a house I was living in.  Where I grew up in Texas usually you just get a light dusting if you get anything at all.

I thought this was funny, can you see how the snow is curling around on the edges?  I'm not sure if it was melting or what, but it curled away from the fence at the edge of the opening.

Maybe you can see it better in this pic.

Just 'cause I seem to like pictures taken with this perspective.

And there's St. Mary's, the other church in the village.  Next door to it...

...was a family of giant snowmen.  I saw quite a few very tall snowmen all around the village for a day or two, and then naughty snowmen vandals came and knocked them down.  Frosty the Snowman is gonna kick their butts one day.  There was one house though that had three or four mini snowmen out in front, and as the snow began to melt they just progressively got shorter and a little more amorphous, and now all that's left is a few twigs and some carrots that are way past their prime.

This hole in the wall is in front of Liz's friend Dana's house; since I took this picture and the snow melted, the hole actually got patched back up.

So I tried to take a pretty artsy picture and of course it's crooked.  Fail!

I tried to take pictures of the dogs when it snowed a second time but it's really tough to get clear pictures when they're always in motion and it was dark out, and our camera doesn't like low light.  Actually I hadn't intended to put this picture on here, I just forgot it was still in the folder when I uploaded pics today.

That's it for me today.  I'm off to take some more Tylenol (been feeling kind of icky today) and maybe figure out something for dinner.  And I need to pick tonight's movie feature...


Tanya said...

That's about how our whole winter has been and I live in Utah! (blog stalker from scs btw)
Since you're always educating me, I'll tell you something. The snow isn't melting into the curve, its that its so heavy, it needs a place to go. The snow is sliding and its too cold to actually melt so it stays there looking cool. :) Your village rocks! TFS!

CCsMom said...

So neat. I LOVE IT!!! We've gotten that much snow here in Texas since you moved away. I think there was 10" on top of the hot tub one day. And it was so heavy on a tree down the street that the tree split right down the middle -- it looked like it was shot from above and fanned out in 4 directions. It was AWESOME. But I just love the snow.

Good to talk to you today. Sure hope you get to feeling better. Love you!!!

Lee said...

Ha! I've totally gotten you to start using the "Fail" and "Epic Fail" terms. Yea for bad influences.

Giffysk8s said...

Love the snowy pics! Love the pictures of the berries and the sign. Yes, they are quite artsy! So your attempt to be artsy was not an epic fail. It wasn't even a plain old fail. :)