Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh, Baby

Nope, I'm not pregnant (thank goodness) (sorry, Mom), but I spent yesterday making several baby shower invitations.  Mostly it seems like people do Evite invitations instead of the hard copy get-it-in-the-mail type, but occasionally I get asked to make baby shower invitations for the mommy-to-be and her mother as a keepsake item.  There's a triple baby shower tomorrow (I don't drink the water here) so I did two each of three different invitations.  Each of the mamas is having her second baby.

I don't really know two of the moms other than being able to identify them in a lineup (not that I'd expect either of them to be in a lineup, should I be talking about police lineups here?  Probably not), but I found out from the shower organizer that one of the moms is doing her daughter's nursery in a wildlife theme, so of course Fox & Friends was the first stamp set that came to mind.   When I finished I was a little disappointed that the pink bunnies were pretty much covered up, so I stamped another one on the inside.  And the monkey, just 'cause.  I was originally going to make this card vertical but changed my mind so that I could just do one horizontal template for the insides of all the cards.

Mommy #2 is playing it close to the vest with what she's going to name the baby and any kind of colors or themes for the nursery, so I just picked out the pram (I'm in Britain, I have to say pram) from Baby Bundle and a basic little girl color combo (coincidentally, the same one as above.  What?  I'm lazy sometimes).  The background is stamped tone-on-tone with a bunch of the little stamps from that same set, like a teddy bear, baby bib, booties, a bottle, and a heart, several of which I also stamped inside.

Mommy #3 I do know a little better, and I know she wants to do planes for her son's nursery but I don't have any airplane stamps that I thought would work at all for a baby shower invitation.  I do know that she also loves dogs so I figured the "snips & snails" stamp from And Everything Nice would be fun (plus I'd never used it before) and I love the dog from Ruff Day.  I've used him on a baby card before but it was a long time ago; he's stamped again on the inside.  The laziness continues; I just switched out the pink for blue but the other two colors are the same.  I'm loving Wild Wasaaaaaaaabi lately.  True, I haven't been stamping too much of late (I'm kind of obsessed with cross stitching), but when I do I keep picking up Wild Wasabi stuff.

Last month I made thank you cards after my birthday and I think I didn't post them here yet so here ya go:

I'm a sucker for butterfly sets; this one is from Kindness Matters and the sentiment is from my all-time favorite thank you set, Thank You Kindly.  I have to say that the 3/8" taffeta ribbon is my absolute favorite of all the ribbon Stampin' Up sells and I think I need to stock up on a few more colors next time I order.  Lee, you didn't see that.

I was inspired to make this one when I saw a super-cute card by Jen at ICreate.  I can't remember how I happened on her blog, but it's a recent discovery and I really like her style.  So thank you, Jen.

Lee and I were talking the other day and I said I didn't know why people visit my blog.  I mean, my mom visits because she's my mom (and maybe to laugh at me when I misidentify photos), but what are you other three people here for?  Is it the stamping and scrapping stuff, like today's post?  Is it the occasional recipe I throw out here?  Or the pictures from when we go places (or my village gets totally snowed on)?  No matter what Sadie thinks, I doubt you're here for the Sadie and Vader stories (sorry, Sadie, you're cute, but I doubt you have an international following.  I have an international following because I live in a different country than my mom).  So why do you take time out of your presumably busy day to visit my little corner of the Interwebs?  Inquiring minds want to know.  And also, thanks for visiting me here and throwing me a bone in the comments.  I think I might turn off that prove-you're-not-a-robot thing though; I like robots.  Especially if they're like Johnny Five in Short Circuit.  Or Artoo Detoo.  Heck, even Threepio:  I could have him teach me useful words and phrases in Italian.  Ooh, tangent.

Have a pleasant planetary rotation, y'all.  Ciao.



CCsMom said...

I come to your blog because, YES, I am your mom and I want to see what you are up to. But I also come to your blog because I enjoy your commentary. When I would write to Mimi from college, she told me reading one of my letters is like sitting across the table with me and having a conversation. Well, that's how your blog reads. So yes, I get my little fix of Christy for the day when I read your blog and I go away happy!!! I read it for ALL the subjects, not any one in particular.

Adrienne and I went to the new scrapbook store today. She didn't buy anything because after finishing up her MBA and being so immersed in study, she needs to take inventory of what's been waiting in her crafts room when she starts having fun again. I bought you some stuff and some things for Adam's military book. He leaves tomorrow for his training out of state and will be gone for 3 weeks.

So, happy day to you and I hope we get to connect tomorrow. Other than church, I don't anticipate leaving the casa and hope to get the curtains completely finished and up before Dad gets home. I painted today. Boo on painting. Love ya!!!

Liz Guidry said...

I come to your blog because it is hard to get you out of your house. LOL. Love ya!

Alexis said...

I come for it all, lol. I love all the crafty stuff and I miss England soo much!

Giffysk8s said...

I come to it (albeit rather lately as of late) for lots of reasons! Why do I love thy blog? Let me count the ways:

1) You travel to so many awesome places, and your blog is the best travel guide ever. My "places to see before I die" list keeps getting longer because of you, and that makes me happy.

2) I love that you love your doglets, as I do mine. Though it might surprise Sadie and Vader, i do like to see photos of them, too. And to read the stories of the mischief they manage.

3) You are my creative muse. :) Your cards and scrapbooks get my mojo going!

4) I do love your recipes, especially the pumpkin ones. :)

5) Since I've never met you IRL, reading your blog makes me feel like I'm hanging out with you, and I so enjoy your company!

6) I don't mind being a robot, as long as I'm not a Fembot. I wouldn't want to wear all of those pointy things, LOL!