Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snowed In

Last time I bought groceries, the gal who took them out to the car for me said that the meteorologists were predicting two inches of snow this weekend.  It's certainly been cold enough the past several days but I'd kind of forgotten about that conversation until I let my dogs out last night.

Whaddya know, they were right on the money!

It was still coming down pretty fast when I took these, but it didn't take me long to decide that even though it's much easier to see two black dogs in the dark when there's snow on the ground, it would probably be better to wait for daylight to take more pics.

With Sadie's perma-mustache/goatee combo, she always looks like she's been sticking her face in snow.

So here's what greeted us this morning!

To my surprise, we got a lot more than two inches--when I opened the door it swept snow out of the way and our door is set up two or three inches off the ground level.  Sadie and Vader rushed out and then stopped like they were thinking "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!"

There's my fence that blew down like a month ago; I'd had the sections kind of propped back up but they fell down again yesterday and now you can't even see them under the snow.  Glad I got a pic before the doglets ran all through the snow there.

For once, Sadie was the fearless explorer.  She's seen snow before, but definitely not on this scale.

It was a little harder to keep the dogs away from the pool since the edges of it are obscured.  Kind of looks like you could go skating on it...not that I'm going to try that.

Vader was not too thrilled with the snow at first, he didn't wanna come out and play with Sadie.  Aww.

There they go, running all over the yard like my two little crazy canines.

That's the shed that's in our backyard where Lee keeps the lawnmower.  Look at the snow piled up in the windowsills.

I closed the door so Vader couldn't get back inside and he had to go out and play in the snow.  Teehee.

Took him a little bit before he was comfortable enough in the snow to do his bidness this morning.

Sadie really wanted to find out what was under all the white stuff; she kept digging at it and sniffing.

Vader was convinced he'd found the world's largest snocone.  He didn't dig, he was just licking up the snow.

I totally threw snow at Sadie.  What?  If you knew her, you'd throw snow at her too.  I threw a bit at Vader and then I felt guilty, but I could toss snow at Sadie all day without any guilt 'cause she's a punk and she likes it when you do things like that.  And it's funny.

It took a lot of convincing to get her to stand still enough for this shot, I want you to know.

This is more representative of the pictures I got.

There's my sweet lil muffin!

Seems like all my England friends have been posting snow pictures on even has poor little ducks walking on the ice over their pond.  (Ducks on Ice...the newest Disney ice show, perhaps?  Forget the princesses, go for ducks.)  I saw some pictures of the abbey in Bury St. Edmunds all covered in snow and so now I have to go pull on some boots and a hat and go take pictures around Feltwell.  As soon as I find the other battery for the camera...


CCsMom said...

That is super. I had to get up early this morning so I could take a look at your blog and see the snow! I love it when it snows. Would the abbey be beautiful in the snow? Or the Ely Cathedral? Don't forget to have Lee make me a CD of Bennet & Missy's photos because they had some awesome ones on the roof of Ely Cathedral that I want to include in my book of the trip (some day). Love you and stay warm!

Liz Guidry said...

Wasn't it great?! Love the pictures of the doglets.

Giffysk8s said...

Snow is fun! We've hardly had any this year. Our winter has been a big bust. My three dogs HATE the rain but LOVE the snow! They eat it, too. It's so cute! Can't wait to see more photos.