Saturday, March 17, 2012

I found some more Ireland pictures

Since today is International Eat Lucky Charms for Breakfast Day (darn, I knew I forgot to get something at the store), I thought I'd post some more Ireland pics.  From like three months ago.  I've been a bad blogger, huh?  Well anyway, our first day in Dublin, we bought all-day tickets on this bus line that takes you around to different sites around the city and supposedly tells you historical stuff while they're driving around, though between the noise of the engine and trying to decipher the accent we didn't really get much of that.  The major thing I wanted to see in Dublin was the Book of Kells, so our first stop was Trinity College.

D'awww, it's Bennet and Missy.

And hey, I know those people too.  Apparently the weekend we were there, Trinity College was having some kind of like open house thing or something because they had all these tables and brochures for prospective students and tours around the campus.  (Dude, how cool would it be to go to college here?!)

I included this pic just 'cause I think it's fun to see the English and Irish Gaelic names on it.  All their signs are like that, done in both languages.  Some words are really similar and others...are really not.

Hey look, a butt shot!  It's like I was channeling my mom when I took this!

And I got Missy's butt too.  Mostly I wanted the sign for the Book of Kells.

Of course you can't take pictures of the book itself, but here you can see the style of the illustrations.  They had a neat exhibit before you see the book itself where they talked about how the book was made, how the inks were concocted, symbolism used, etc.  The book itself was totally amazing.  It's just mind-boggling to think it's over 1200 years old, and it's absolutely beautiful.  Awe-inspiring to think how much time it had to have taken to produce it, but that's what people can do when they don't spend hours every day surfing the Internet ; )  I could have stayed at Trinity College all day, trying to absorb the awesome history there, but alas, we had other things to do.

We stopped by Dublin Castle, which is a misnomer because it's much more like a 18th-century manor house or something, not the kind of place that really screams "castle" like Blarney.  Plus it was kinda expensive to tour, so all we did was take a few pics in the courtyard, including this one of Justice who is facing away from the city.

This dude was on the other side of the building from where Justice stands.

Hey, it's those same people again.

And we had like a dozen pictures of us being silly but this one I think is the funniest.  Other than the one where it looked like Lee was going to smack my rump (but didn't, 'cause I'd've smacked his back).  I think we might have stopped for lunch after this but those pics are from the other camera so they'll have to wait till next time because I'm throwing chronology out the window for the Ireland pictures.  I also never caught up with writing about our adventures in my lil notebook that I carry around with me, so all the details are now quite hazy about this trip.  And I don't even drink.

This is a famous church in Dublin that I don't remember the name of.  I didn't go in but the other three did; I found several souvenir shops right outside so I wandered around there and found out just how many things they can put shamrocks on.  I think I found some Christmas ornaments for Missy while I was shopping too, but anyway, I digress.

Obviously Lee took this photo because a.) it's not crooked and b.) I didn't go in the church.  I think I was a little churched out that day; we've seen quite a few churches and yes, they're extraordinary and beautiful, but after a while they kind of blur together.

I have no idea why there were fancy clothes in this church, but I kinda seriously want that dress on the right, that cape is off the hook.  The red outfit on the left makes me think of Tim Curry as Cardinal Richelieu in The Three Musketeers.  I love Tim Curry.  And Chris O'Donnell, he's awesome in NCIS:  Los Angeles.  And whatever happened to Gabrielle Anwar anyway?  I loved her in Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken.  Hello, tangent.

More fabulous outfits.  Which look really cool so they're probably terribly uncomfortable to wear.  But sometimes I wish I'd learned how to sew, 'cause it would be really cool to make awesome clothes like that to wear for Halloween or to go to Comic*Con if I ever went to that or something like it.  Though I think it would be totally awesome to dress up as Tristan and Yvaine from Stardust (as if I could get Lee to a.) go with me to a comic book convention and b.) dress in costume *at* the comic book convention), I'm still kinda sorta a little bit obsessed with that movie.  Hello, second tangent.  Really, I don't drink.  My mind just works like that all the time.

There's another angle on that same church.

And just 'cause Dublin architecture is really cool.  I saw a couple of horse-drawn carriages go by while I was looking around the souvenir shops (or else the same carriage was doing laps) but I think those pics are with the ones from the place we went for lunch, so they'll have to wait till next time.  In the meantime, enjoy your green eggs and ham or your green beer or what have you, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Tanya said...

Must comment again. :) Gabrielle Anwar is on Burn Notice, and she looks about 90 from too much sun. Looove that architecture!! And the clothing!

Thoughts by B and M said...

Hey Lady! Those pictures are from Christ Church where Handel performed his famous Messiah Piece. Additionally, the photos of the clothes, if I'm not mistaken, were costumes from the show the Tudors as part of that show was filmed in Dublin if I'm not mistaken! :) NO worries about us mixing up/missing skype dates due to time change. We'll figure something out... :) Miss you!!!

CCsMom said...

Yes, my friend at work who graduated from Baylor's ROTC program GOES to Trinity College at this very moment -- she's a freshman. So you were THAT CLOSE. Talk about coincidence!

Cool pictures.

CCsMom said...

Oops, I meant my friend's DAUGHTER goes to Trinity College, but the mom is the one who graduated from Baylor's ROTC program. I know -- that was confusing!