Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eilonwy, Part 3

It's the end of another month which means it is time, once again, to do a stitching update.  I always have fun with these because I usually go back and look at the previous progress pictures and then I feel like I've accomplished something.  So without further ado, here is this month's Scarlet Quince project:

Sophie Gengembre Anderson's Take the Fair Face of Woman, or as I have nicknamed her, Eilonwy.  And here's what I have done so far (click to embiggen):

Ladies and gentlemen (hi Lee and Dad!), we have butterflies.  I know I whined about this at least once this month, but it was A LOT of confetti stitching, which means lots of time spent changing out colors and thus a very full needle board.

Yep, Eilonwy has joined The Accolade in having two needle boards; I only have one more spare piece of foam board so I'll have to buy another piece once the next project expands to two boards (probably The Quarry).  I bought what I thought was a gracious plenty of needles but now I'm starting to think I should buy a bunch more just to be sure I won't run out at the rate I'm going.

So anyway, the confetti takes a lot longer to do than large blocks of a single symbol, so this time I only managed 4,143 stitches for a grand total of 24,200 finished (19.21% done, I'm a dork I have a spreadsheet).  At the start of the month, I'd hoped that I would do enough stitches to break 100,000 left to do, but I'm 1,800 stitches shy of that.  I have a feeling I'll be much more excited one day in the (very distant) future when I break 100,000 stitches *done* on a single project, but hey, I'll take what milestones I can get.  And this time I did a good portion of her butterfly crown and managed to finish the first two pages of the chart, so next time I'll scooch over to the right and work on the third page and the last bit of her butterflies.

I'm hoping the next page is a little bit easier to complete than this month's work was; I'm kind of happy to be changing to a new project.  Not that I expect The Accolade to be easier, but it's something different, which is kind of the point of rotating projects the way I am.  Otherwise Miranda at least would be done by now : )

It's noon here and so far no one in the house has managed to get in the shower yet; there's something to be said for lazy Saturday mornings.  However, I think it's time I get cleaned up and tidy up the giant mess of cookbooks I've got going on in here; I've got a bunch all over the desk and the floor and the floor ones at least are getting a nice dusting of dog hair.  Guess I should vacuum too...ta-ta for now, peeps, have a great weekend!


CCsMom said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I'd be interested in working on her hands and the little bag she's holding. But you know, that's just me.

Gorgeous weather in Texas with the bluebonnets in full bloom. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR HERE. Just wonderful. Wish I could find a walking path that took me through the bluebonnet fields. That would make me extremely happy. For now, I'm making rounds of the building I work in -- and I am making progress, although my knees are grousing about it. Such is age.

Love you, love you, and congrats on the progress. It will be smashing when it's done.

Giffysk8s said...

So pretty! I need some of your stitching mojo, so if you have any to spare please send it my way. I haven't stitched a single cross stitch since November. Shame on me! I need to get back to my irises and Ballerinas. What I really is to have fewer hobbies. I just read The Help and started The Hunger Games (which I cannot put down). And I have a bazillion knitting projects ready to go. And a craft room full of paper and stamps waiting to be used. Now I need more time to do it all!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!