Thursday, March 8, 2012

This & That

So it's been a week since my last blog post....just been kinda busy with this and that.  So today all I have for you is a jumble of random thoughts sure to make you question my sanity by the end of this post, but that's ok.

1.  Lee is home, YAY!!!  Blogger won't let me post that "yay" in a font big enough to really capture the joy embodied in those three little letters, but trust me, I'm very happy to have my sweetie pie home.  Though I will admit that it was a little difficult to be enthusiastic when he woke me up at 5:45 on Sunday morning.

2.  Single car ops totally sucks.  Lee's car isn't running right now (a. the battery is dead; b. something else is wrong with it so it wouldn't move even before the battery died) and mine is making this super-loud and embarrassing squeal periodically.  Lee said it needs a new tensioner (umm....okay) so guess what we're doing this weekend?  Looking forward to having two cars again so I'm not dependent upon others to get places.

3.  Liz and I discovered anew last week that English in Britain is not the same as English in America.  We went to Sainsbury's (sorta like a British Wal-Mart, only it's decorated with Home Depot orange instead of blue) where Liz was looking for suspenders for her 6-year-old daughter.  She asked these two ladies who worked there, who gave us surprised and slightly horrified looks until Liz described what (American) suspenders are.  I'm thinking that British suspenders have to be what Americans would call a garter belt, and suddenly Monty Python's Lumberjack Song got even funnier.

And we now know that the straps that go over your shoulders to hold up pants are called braces here.  We manfully refrained from making any orthodontia jokes upon learning that.

4.  Cadbury Mini Eggs are evil, I love them so.  I'm talking about the ones in the royal purple bags, they're in pastel colors with bitty freckles on them and it's just solid milk chocolate with a crisp sugar shell.  Vader would dearly like to try one but they're MINE.  I was not happy yesterday when all I could find was dark chocolate ones (WHY would you ruin the perfect Easter candy by making it in dark chocolate?  Ewww) but I have proof that God loves me, I found four bags of the good stuff.  They've replaced peanut M&Ms as my inspirational crafting candy.  My parents love the Brach's eggs that are malted milk with the hard candy shell, and I'll eat those too, but these Cadbury Mini Eggs are my favorites.  Wonder if I could make up a cookie recipe using these...nah, I'd eat 'em before I got cookies made.  Nom nom nom...

5.  Because I am totally crazy, I bought yet another Scarlet Quince pattern this week even though Mom tried to stop me.  I just couldn't resist the psychic resonance any longer.  Let's ignore the part where I have four patterns in the works right now and already had two other patterns and most of the supplies for them; I had to get this one:

Isn't it pretty?  And hey, practically everything that Lee and I own is blue, green, and/or purple, so this would fit right in.  And it's "small", only 60,300 stitches!  You can tell I've lost my marbles when I think that constitutes "small".  (For comparison, my orange crate label was 34.144 stitches and Miranda is 39,894.  The largest pattern I'm working on right now, The Accolade, is 150,000.  And it's easy for me to figure that out as Scarlet Quince kindly puts on their website how many stitches tall and wide each piece is, and knowing that it's entirely stitched in, all I have to do is multiply.  I didn't count.  I'm not *that* crazy.)

6.  Eilonwy is being recalcitrant this month.  I'm working on her butterfly crown and it is going SO SLOWLY because it's all confetti.  And really, after a few days, it kinda starts to hurt my hand doing confetti stitching; the back of the piece gets really tight with all the different colors so it's hard to get the needle through to end my threads.  It takes so much longer when I'm constantly switching out colors, too.  I keep telling myself that the butterflies will probably be the hardest part of this pattern...except maybe the dealybopper in her hands...because they're probably the most confetti-riffic part of the pattern.  I hope.  I'm whining, I know.  Well, today I'm concentrating on making a little baby book and some cookies, so I'll put Eilonwy out of my mind for now.

7.  Sadie is attempting to use her mental powers to influence me into taking her for a walk.  We didn't go yesterday since I spent a good part of the day volunteering to help out at a bone marrow drive, and then it was raining for most of the day, so I suppose I have to take her today.  Looks like it's a gorgeous day out there so at least the walk will be pleasant today.  I must admit, though, I'm still miffed at Vader for eating the button off the dishwasher.  The stupid power button would pop off the dishwasher midway through the cycle every time I turned it on, and I forgot to shut the door on Monday when I left for lunch, so when it popped off, Vader grabbed it.  And yes, we know for sure it was Vader.

With that lovely thought, I'm off for my walk.  Ta-ta for now, peeps!


Liz Guidry said...

Suspenders - hehehe.

I have not tried the Cadbury mini eggs yet. Hmmmm. You need to go to Cadbury World (you get free samples!).

Let's go horrify the ppl of Sainsbury's again soon. I am in need of more wheat-free food and I'm sure you've drank a lot of your tea stash. :)

Giffysk8s said...

Well now it was might turn to, um, expectorate Wheat Thins
and fabulous gourmet cheeses all over my screen, compliments,of you! We say suspenders, they say braces. Who'd a thunk? What I am dying to know is what that woman thought when she heard "suspenders." I bet it means something totally inappropriate in proper English, LOL!

I soooooo know what you mean about those Cadbury eggs! YUM! I like the malted milk kind, too. I think your mom and I would get along quite well. We like the same candy and we are both quite fond of you. :)

I almost bought that pattern for you but then
thought it might be kind of mean of me since you're in the middle of so many as it is. Guess I was wrong!

Can't wait to read more tales from Sainsbury's.

CCsMom said...

I knew suspenders were "braces" when Joni went to work in the "men's furnishings department" at Nordstrom. That what she's always called them. Interesting, eh? Sooo funny. That's like me and the booger word you know . . . what can I say?

CCsMom said...

Evil girl -- I had to get some of those Cadbury eggs you referenced in your blog. They really are too much to resist. No, I haven't seen ANY of the Brach's speckled malted bird eggs anywhere. Maybe they quit making them? I HOPE SO!!! Those I REALLY can't resist. Oooo, talking about them I just remembered where I found them last year -- at the small Albertson's near Tony's. I'll have to check that out now . . . SHAME ON ME!!!