Monday, April 23, 2012

Bruges, Part 3: Boat Tour

Ok peeps, I'm starting to feel like I'm talking to myself on here.  Which I might be...maybe no one did bother to scroll down past my movie reviews last time?  Regardless, I have more Bruges pictures, which I need to slap up here ASAP because we spent the weekend in Cornwall and have a bunch of pictures from that, *and* we've got another trip planned for the first week of May and *then* Italy at the end of May.  So lots of pictures forthcoming.

The Saturday we spent in Bruges, we got up and had breakfast with some friends who were staying at the same hotel we were, and then the four of us met up with another couple in town.  We were on our way to the canals to do a boat tour of the city when I saw this and thought it was cool.

And there you can see the whole archway...

And the angel on the left.

We decided to do the boat tour first thing in the morning while it wasn't raining, just so we could have it done already in case most of the day got rained out.  That tall tower is a clock tower, and you can walk up inside it, which we sere going to do after the boat thing but the line was too long and we were more interested in lunch than climbing 365 stairs.

A couple of other tour boats.

We passed under several bridges and waved to the people on the bridges who were waving at us in the boats.

They've got some interesting statues and sculptures around the town; this one is only visible from the canals.  Well, maybe if there's a walkway on the opposite side of the canal, but we saw it from the boat.

The buildings look taller when you're taking pictures from a bitty little boat...

I'm rather proud of this swan picture; not too bad considering we were motoring along at a respectable pace and I managed to get this one.

And one more even.  I had three or four more but these were the best two.

Low bridge, everybody down.  Low bridge, 'cause we're coming to a town...oh wait, that's a song about the Erie Canal.

This statue is on the patio of a bar that one of Lee's friends liked; we stopped there after the boat ride (but those pics are for next time and I know what you're thinking, me at a bar?  Yeah).

Another weird statue.  There was one we passed on the walk into the town that was kind of creepy; it was a woman standing up but her head was really small in proportion to her body and she didn't have a face, it was carved out.  Reminded me of the giant killer robot in Thor, only a girl version.

I really like that red building, it's totally making a statement here.  Classy.

Lee got this photo on the little camera, I thought it was pretty cool with the couple right in front of the tower.  That's it for this time, more Bruges pictures to come (actually the last of the Bruges pictures) and then I've got some Cornwall pics to share.  Let me know you're out there, guys, I might start to think I'm going crazy if I talk to myself too much...


CCsMom said...

I LOVE the picture of the boats and the tower. Everything looks super in that one particular photo -- the boats are in motion, the tower is lit so you can see all the detail, and then the people on the bridge. I just love it. And yes, I am back!!! I even mowed the lawn after work -- but I wore a mask so the allergens wouldn't make me crazy. Love you!

Giffysk8s said...

No, you're not going crazy! I've just been a very neglectful blooger. (I know it should be blogger, but I kinda like blooger, ha ha.)

I am loving the virtual tour of bizarre statues. It never ceases to amaze me how many different interpretations of "art" exist. I guess there are as many interpretations as there are people. I also guess that I am just artistically ignorant since I don't "get" a lot of it. But I do enjoy looking at it just the same.

Those swan photos are awesome! The first one reminds me of the Swan Boats in Boston, which I will ride with you when you come visit me someday. :)

Off to catch up on your posts.