Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Rock of Cashel

Lee told me I need to finish posting the Ireland pictures before we go to Italy.  With that in mind, I've got a bunch of pictures today : )  And unfortunately Blogger has gone completely stupid, they're all out of order.  But I'm just going to soldier on anyway; other than the first one they're all from the same place.

Those teeny tiny people on the bridge are Missy, Bennet and Lee; this is a bridge over the River Lee in Cork.  All the pictures today are from stops we made on the Extreme Ireland tour; we first went to Blarney Castle, then stopped in Cork for a bit to walk around and have lunch, and then the last stop was the Rock of Cashel, which we got to just as the sun was starting to go down.

Ireland is beautiful, don't you think?

Some of the buildings date to the 1100s, and I still find it a little mind-boggling how old that is (and how much older it is than pretty much anything "historic" we have in America).  I think this is the cathedral whose roof was removed in the 18th century.

I think this was inside a chapel...honestly my memories have gotten a bit fuzzy since December when we went to Ireland; kind of mad at myself for not writing about the trip as we were on it or immediately after we got back since I carry around a little notebook with me while we're out.

Remains of some medieval paintings.

There's a pretty extensive graveyard on the Rock of Cashel so of course we had a look around that despite Lee thinking that it's kind of creepy to be wandering around graveyards.

You can tell I took this picture because it leans to the left.  You know what else I've noticed?  When I stamp without a Stamp-a-ma-jig, even my stamped images list to the left.  I think maybe my noggin is on crooked.

Oh hey, that's better.

This chevron was on the corner of a monument in the graveyard and I think it was one of the last pictures I took outside.

Hey, this is from when we first got there...our driver dropped us off at the top of the hill near the Rock, but then our little group decided a potty break would be good and of course the only facilities are at the bottom of the hill so we had to climb down and then back up. 

And completely out of order again, this was another monument in the graveyard like from two pics back.

I love the crosses, I think they're beautiful.  I took several pictures of them and of course they're all over the place.  Thanks a lot, blogger.  Not only do you randomly rotate my pictures, now with your new "updated" system, you rearrange the order too.  Argh.

And now we're back inside the chapel.  I forget why it has heads carved all over the inside of it.

There's another, newer building on the Rock of Cashel but I don't remember at all what it was supposed to be, but I did take some pictures inside there.  All the walls were whitewashed and I know they had some displays of artifacts discovered around the Rock; mostly I took pictures of the interesting decorations.  I seem to like taking detail shots.

I thought he was kinda cute : )

I just liked the colors on this one; seems like most of what Lee and I own is blue, green, or both.  Except I got us a new comforter last year and it's brown and rust colored and I love it.  But I was thinking I could paint the bedroom pale green and it would look good...but Lee doesn't want to paint anymore here.  Maybe when we buy our own house and get a power painter thing, he'll let me go bananas.  But I digress.

K, so this should have been much closer to the top of this post since it's not dark in this pic.  

Again, another early shot from when we climbed back up the hill after our potty break.

Whaddya know, I got a picture that leans to the right this time.

I took three pictures of this cross, just playing with the camera settings between each one.  Which one do you like best?

I like the background colors in the first one, the second looks all Gothic and moody, but I like that you can see the details on the cross in this one.

And one last Ireland-is-beautiful picture.  Out of order.  This concludes your non-chronological tour of the Rock of Cashel : )


Thoughts by B and M said...

I miss the green, the gorgeous green of Ireland.

CCsMom said...

The weather looked rather wet and cold. And we'd had such good weather in Scotland and England. Well, the pictures of the countryside, the fogginess makes it look rather romantic.

Still sick. I haven't been this sick in a very long time. Hope you are well. Love you!!!

Giffysk8s said...

Oh, I really want too get to Ireland some day!

I like the first photo of the cross because of the green grass and the stone wall. Although the cross details are pretty, I really like seeing the background, too.

When are you going to Italy?