Friday, May 18, 2012

A Cruise on the Seine

Thought Mom might like to see some more Paris pictures : )  So after we climbed up the stairs at the Eiffel Tower and had a serious case of jelly-legs, Lee and I decided to go on a cruise on the river, which luckily left from pretty much right next to the tower.  The best part?  We got to sit down the whole time.  But of course the first thing we took a picture of was the tower:

'Cause we don't have enough Eiffel Tower pictures yet.  See all the clouds?  We actually got rained on a bit during the boat ride, which means we didn't get quite as many pictures as we would have otherwise, but it cleared out again right after we got off the boat.

That's a replica of the flame in the Statue of Liberty's torch, a symbol of friendship between France and the United States.  Nowadays it's also an impromptu shrine to Princess Diana since she had her fatal car wreck in the tunnel close to this.  I remember when that happened, Mom and I stayed up until like 3 in the morning watching the news reports while we stitched.  I don't remember what I was stitching though...

Pont Alexandre III and the front of the boat we were on.  It's a flat-topped boat so there's a place you can sit inside or the upper deck out in the air, and since we wanted an unobstructed view we opted for the upper deck.  Which also meant getting rained on but whatever, it wasn't as cold in Paris as it is in England.  (Seriously, it's the second half of May and I'm still wearing two layers of long sleeves.)

Ornamentation on the bridge.

And the statues on the end of the bridge.

And more schtuff on the bridge itself.  This has to be the most highly decorated bridge in Paris.

I forget what this building is, but it's the one that was used as inspiration for the White House in America.  Only the White House is 8 times bigger and, y'know, white.

The Luxor Obelisk in the Place de la Concorde as seen from the river.  With a zoom lens.

France's National Assembly.  You know, in the Percy Jackson books, they talk about how Western civilization is passed from one great power to another and how much architecture is still classic Greco-Roman style.  And it is, think how many places in the States are this kind of architecture.  Things that make you go hmmm.

This is the Musee d'Orsay (another art museum), which houses a large collection of Impressionist art in addition to other things.  The building is a converted train station and I love the looks of it.  We didn't go there at all this trip, so maybe next time.  Because of *course* I want to go back again.  It's that whole "if you give a mouse a cookie" thing.  Next time I wanna go to Versailles too!

Remember the part in National Treasure 2 when Ben and Riley go to Paris and fly the helicopter around the Parisian Statue of Liberty and then Riley gets a ticket for it?  Voila the Statue of Liberty with the Eiffel Tower in the background (as if you couldn't tell what that was).

Just 'cause I liked the stormy sky in this one.

And then I liked the little bit of blue skies in this one.

And here we are on our way back to the Eiffel Tower and more stairs, 'cause after the boat tour we went over to the Palais de Chaillot, climbed a lot of stairs, and got yet more pictures of the Eiffel Tower.

Tolja the weather cleared out again after we got off the boat.

Lee got some really beautiful shots of the tower, though he swears that it's crooked or something as he had a hard time getting a nice straight picture.  I kind of wonder if there's something up with our camera itself that's making us take crooked pictures, because it seems to be a more recent development.

And it's not just us, see?  We handed off the camera to a very nice gentleman who took like five pictures of us and they all lean.  Lee fixed it for that first Paris post that I did but I haven't messed with tilting pictures on the Mac and it's late on a Friday night so I don't want to learn how to do it right this minute so just tilt your head to the right on this one.  So after climbing all the stairs at the Eiffel Tower and all the walking we did, I was plum tuckered out (remember, I was just getting over a nasty virus) so we called it a day right after this.  Then we found a crepes stand and got crepes with Nutella and that was YUM, and then we went back to the hotel and I totally conked out for the night.

I think I'll go downstairs now and watch tonight's NCIS episode (we're behind the States a bit, but once they start playing a series we don't have any mid-season breaks like you guys do) and then go to bed.  Have a great weekend!


Alexis said...

My goodness but all your pictures make me miss Europe something awful! I'm so glad my hubby has relented and we will be taking a nice long vacation there in a couple summers!

CCsMom said...

Look how the clouds swirl around the top of the tower in that first photo. Kinda reminded me of "Ghost Busters". Ha! Isn't that cool, though?

So glad to talk to you today. Be careful on your trip. I know you will have an absolute ball! Love you!

Giffysk8s said...

Oh my! The Eiffel Tower! And the statues on the end of the bridge! I am chomping at the bot to get there and see these things IRL. You are soooooooo blessed to live so close to such beauty. I've now decided that I need to take a sabbatical and stay with you for like 6 months and have you take me to all of the places you've been. :)