Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The LOOOOOOOvre, Part 2

Advisory notice:  once again, this blog post contains pictures of nekkid stachoos, so cover the children's eyes and proceed with caution.

Apparently this statue is quite famous; it's on a lot of the Louvre merchandise.  This is Psyche brought back to life by the kiss of Eros.  And hey, the naughty bits are pretty well covered.

Here's Artemis (Diana); the moon is one of her symbols.

Here's Hermes (Mercury), and I have to say I wonder what's up with that cherub upon whose face he's stepping.  Lee wondered how he could possibly fly with one itty-bitty wing on each foot.

Lee:  "It's the world's first quarter!  It was a pain to carry around in your pocket, though."

The lighting in this room was such that all my pics came out much more yellow than it really was IRL.  Here's Aphrodite (Venus) and her son Eros (Cupid), little boy is trying on Mama's armor.  Which kind of cracks me up because a.) she's the goddess of love, and she has armor? and b.) I, for one, would *not* go into battle naked (though it might frighten my enemies).

Here's Thetis, who was the daughter of Nereus, the Old Man of the Sea.  So she's a sea nymph.  There was a prophecy that the son of Thetis would eclipse his father in greatness, which was enough to deter Zeus, but it also made it hard for her to find a husband at all until she married the mortal Peleus.  Their son was Achilles, one of the great heroes of Greek myth, and I had to look up his dad's name so I think that prophecy came true.

Here's Hera (Juno), who was Queen of the Universe before me.  (Bwahahahaa!)

The Three Graces on a ceiling panel, leading into the room where we saw...

The Venus de Milo, another of my personal Top Three Things to See at the Louvre.  (Lee:  "Dude, Venus got some abs.")  It wasn't nearly as crowded around Venus as it was around Ms. Lisa or Ms. Wings.

A statue of Athena with the face of Medusa on her chiton.  Which usually is on her shield, but I kinda like it.

I think maybe this is supposed to be Athena too, she often wears a helmet.  But what's wrong with her lips?  Our theories:  a.) she let her kid sister put lipstick on her; b.) she ate something that caused an allergic reaction; c.) someone socked her in the mouth.  What's your pick?

The Ancient Greek & Roman statuary is next to the Ancient Egyptian exhibit, so we did that next.

And we went downstairs and saw the medieval foundations of the palace, and this is where I was really impressed with how much French I remembered 'cause they had a sign (only in French) and I was able to tell Lee that people used to throw things in the moat, like everyday items that got broken, or the remains of whatever they had for dinner that day.  When they dredged up this whole area, they found all kinds of stuff that gave an insight into the daily life of palace inhabitants in the 1400s.  Kind of cool.

Most of my Egyptian pictures didn't really come out, but I got this one:  kiss my ankh!  After that, we figured we were Louvre'd out, so we headed back to the giant pyramid.

And now you know what it looks like from the inside.

There's the underground courtyard where you get the tickets after a hugely long line, or pick which gallery to start with.  If we go back, I think we'll check out whatever is opposite the Denon Wing since that's mostly what we saw.  We wandered through the Louvre gift shops (LOTS of books, and one that sold reproductions of the artwork), and then discovered there's an underground mall like right there that had restaurants and stuff so that's where we ate lunch.

On the way we passed the inverted pyramid, which Lee had to take a picture of because he read The da Vinci Code.  So did I, but apparently he remembers it better.

And one more view of the Louvre from near the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel.  Hope you enjoyed this little tour of one tiny piece of the Louvre!


Giffysk8s said...

Ooh, I am so dying to go there! But I think I'd need a whole week there. And I think I need to take you with me so you can read all of the signs for me.

Artemis kind of reminds me of Miranda. Maybe it's how her head is turned.

And I am voting for the lipstick. :)

Amber Hight said...

After seeing all your pictures of greek gods, I want to watch Percy Jackson today, hahaha! Fabulous pictures!!

CCsMom said...

I did post (or attempt to) something for this entry, but it didn't take it -- that was several days ago. Not sure what the deal was, but I just let it go . . . I said something about the little wings on the heels of Mercury. I also have been wondering how he could keep his balance and I've come to the conclusion that he must have super human balance. That's the only answer. And I guess those teeny wings must beat as quickly as hummingbird wings do. Ha!

Not sure about the lips thing unless she had injections because she saw Angelina Jolie in a magazine and she figured that's what her lips should look like. I mean, doesn't EVERYONE want Angelina Jolie lips?!!!

Love you and so glad you made it home just fine. Talk to you soon.