Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bruges, Part 4

I know I put a title on this post like three times and still it disappeared again before I published it.  Grr.

Sometimes I wonder if Lee and I take too many pictures.  I mean really, we were in Bruges for like two and a half days and it's taken me this long to post pics?  And I haven't even *started* on the time we spent in Cornwall last month.  Nevertheless, today's post contains the last of the Bruges pictures, so yay.

I accidentally forgot to put this one in the last post; these dudes overlook the canal where we boarded the boat for the canal tour.  After the boat tour, it was a bit chilly, so we went to a bar to get drinks.  Well, you know me, I'm not one for alcohol, so Lee and I both ordered hot chocolate and this is what we got:

It's steamed milk and then we got a chunk-o-chocolate on a steeck--swirl it in the hot milk and voila!  Yummalicious hot chocolate.  The little custard cup looking things in the front of the tray were not to my liking though, we think it was some kind of whiskey creme thing or something.  Bleah.

They had a beer at this bar that was served in a coconut shell, which our friend ordered and then Lee got to taste-test.  I declined since I loathe and detest both coconut *and* beer, though I don't mind the smell of pina colada air fresheners.  Kind of like how I think coffee smells pretty good and tastes like old gym socks.  Not that I run around routinely tasting old gym socks; coffee just tastes how I *imagine* old gym socks would taste.  Tangent.

Here is the very tall clock tower that we were going to climb up to get views of the town, but the line was hideously long so we decided to go eat waffles instead.

One of the city it just me or does this photo lean to the right?  Lee musta taken it, all mine lean to the left : )

Two lost children:  If found, please contact 555-1234.

Got some nice blue sky in that picture; these ladies were up on top of one of the buildings in the square.

Tree shot for Miss Vicki!  And finally we have a few more random shots from around Bruges, so enjoy.

That's it for Belgium.  Oh, funny story:  I went into a souvenir shop and this lady who worked there asked me a question in French, which I understood and then responded to in French.  I was all super-excited about it when I got out of the shop and told Lee, who thought I was a little crazy for being so excited about that...well, I did take French for like 8 years, but it's been probably about that long since I last practiced it at all, and hey, sometimes I just get excited about the little things.

So Lee's all like laughing at me and then two weeks ago he springs the news on me that we're GOING TO FRANCE.  Like, TO France, not just briefly passing through--we're spending a week in PARIS.  Starting tomorrow.  Which is why I am desperately trying to get over this whatever-it-is that's still hanging on and making me feel unhealthy; the stomach thing has passed (THANK GOODNESS) but I still don't feel 100% despite sleeping like 18 hours a day for the past week.  I think I'll go downstairs and keep resting while I watch Beauty & the Beast in French.  Then maybe I'll move on to other movies set in France.  Charade, Hunchback of Notre Dame, G.I. Joe (what?  They went to Paris), How to Steal a Million...then I'll probably spend the afternoon wishing I had a chic Parisian wardrobe a la Audrey Hepburn while I try to figure out what to wear for my first trip to Paris.  Aaaiiieeeeeeee!!!


Anonymous said...

Great posting ;-) From the looks of it, the custard cup looking, I'm pretty sure it's advokat.
With courtesy of Wikipedia you can find the explanation here:
Advocaat (or advokat) is a rich and creamy liqueur made from eggs, sugar and brandy. It has a smooth, custard-like flavor and is similar to eggnog. The typical alcohol content is generally somewhere between 14% and 20% ABV. Its contents may be a blend of egg yolks, aromatic spirits, sugar or honey, brandy, vanilla and sometimes cream (or evaporated milk).

Anonymous said...

(continued comment) Enjoy your holiday! Ann

Thoughts by B and M said...

Love the old buildings in Bruges....and the hot chocolate looks AMAZING! Can't wait to see pictures of France - and we need to chat sometime before you leave for Italy...