Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aww, Poor Sadie!

We just got Sadie back from the vet after her surgery; she had the surgery yesterday and then they kept her overnight for observation.  The vet said she's been coping pretty well but she gets so excited when they go near her that they couldn't get her to stand up and go outside to potty; all she wanted to do was melt into a puddle on the floor and have her belly rubbed.  Classic Say, she loves new people. 

So we've finally got her back home and we got a kennel for her which is where she's going to be living for at least a month (minus short potty breaks).  She's not thrilled with her new jail, and probably is even *less* thrilled at her funky new haircut:

You can just see her incision right over the joint.  She's gonna look goofy for a while; I told Vader it's not fair to laugh at her (and then I got online to post these pictures, I'm such a mean dog mama).

So yep, now we start the long recovery process.  We take her back in on Saturday for a checkup and then again next week.  Since she'll be locked up for so long, we got her a new toy to help keep her occupied (see the lime green thing under Lee's arm?).  As soon as Vader got on the scene, he tried to stick his nose between the wires of her kennel to get the toy.  Maybe we should get a second one for him...

Actual conversation between Lee and me while I was writing this post:

Lee:  That's so mean, posting those pictures of Sadie.

Me:  She doesn't surf the Web, how will she know?

Lee:  You don't know, maybe she *does* surf the Web.

Me:  Well, she certainly doesn't have Internet access in that kennel.

Lee: wonder she's ticked about being locked up in there!


Amber Hight said...

Awww:( Poor girl...that breaks my heart! I'm glad she's home with you guys now and recovering:) She'll probably learn to LOVE her kennel and want to go in there all the time! She can sneak all the toys in there and hide them from Vader-man, heehee Hugs and kisses from Luke and Jesse!!!

Christy Lynn said...

We set up the kennel when we got it last weekend, and Vader was the one who liked to hang out in there. So we got Sadie home and put her in her new house, and she's looking out at Vader thinking "why can't I be out there?" and he's looking at her thinking "why can't I be in the cool house?" But so far Sadie has been pretty gracious about her captivity. And Vader stole the toy.

Giffysk8s said...

Aw, poor Sadie! I almost shot my coffee through my nose laughing at the conversation between you two. :) Aren't you glad I shared that with you? Ha ha!

Today is my first official day of summer! I have some appointments today. Other than that, I plan on catching up on my blogging and email.

Will be chatting with you soon!