Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Card Cache: Baby Tees

Let's switch things up and talk stamping today, shall we?  I haven't done much of that in the past few months since I've been so busy with that cookbook, but I am now ready to jump back in.  I finished my unmounting project *and* stamped labels for all my stamp sets, which took like forever but I'm so happy that it's done and it's all organized and I get a thrill when things are organized and Mom I can hear you laughing at me. 

So while I was going through and stamping all the labels, I thought about how I have a lot of really cool stamp sets that I should use more often.  And because I'm crazy, I decided to put the name of each stamp set on a slip of paper, put all the slips in a container, and draw out a slip and then just make a bunch of cards with whatever stamp set I drew (I even did one container for current SU stuff and one for retired stuff).  I want to resurrect my barely-got-started Friday Flashbacks, but I thought for the current stuff maybe a better name would be Card Cache because a.) I like alliteration, b.) then I can post this stuff any day of the week when I want to, and c.) I am totally going to use this to build up my cache of cards.  I'm a card maker, and it's embarrassing to admit, but sometimes I don't send cards out to people when I think I should because I just don't have one on hand already, so if I get a good cache going then I can send out more cards, and that was a really long sentence with a lot of commas.  I've also had to face up to the fact that I am a patterned paper hoarder (I can hear you laughing at me again, Mom) and so I desperately need to use up more of that stuff because I keep buying more (I hope Lee doesn't read that part).

So without further ado, because we've had lots of ado already, here's my first Card Cache post.  The first stamp set I drew is actually a jumbo wheel that I unmounted and turned into 5 stamps, it's Baby Tees!  And yeah, I always need some baby cards.

Here's my two baby girl cards.  I'm also trying to catch up on the SCS sketch and color challenges.  The problem with the sketch challenges is that with the more complicated sketches, I end up usually not being super-thrilled with my cards because I tend to go much more for the clean and simple look.  So, well, here's two sketches down.  Sometimes I love the SCS color challenges when they are combos I wouldn't put together on my own, but other times I hate them because they choose colors that clash IMHO or they keep using the same few colors over and over.  The pink card on the left was a color challenge; the other one was not...I once saw a baby quilt at a bazaar that was purple and orange and I LOVED it.  The original purple was more grapey and less...Razzleberry, but I'm trying to use all current SU stuff here and they freakin' got rid of all my purples *grumblegrumblegrumble*

There's the inside of the Razzleberry card.  I like Rich Razzleberry and Pumpkin Pie together, but they still should bring back some of the purples in the middle and light tones.  Grumble.

Here's the boy baby card, also a color/sketch challenge card.  I used Watercolor Wonder Crayons to watercolor the onesie; I love those WWCs but the light colors sometimes don't show up hardly at all unless you go over it several times.  All the patterned paper is from the stacks that SU sells where it's all monochromatic and they've got 4 patterns for each color.  I don't have much of the new DSP from the new catalog and I don't think much of it lends itself to baby cards anyway, so I kinda stuck to the stripes and polka dots in what I already had.  HEY, lookit that, I'm using my stash!  HIGH FIVE!!

And here's the last one, I wanted a gender neutral baby card.  The Pool Party card base doesn't make it look more boy than neutral, does it?  Hmm.  I colored the onesies with markers this time, and you can see the marker lines but I decided I didn't care about that.  I wish that the "hello, baby" part was just a teensy bit darker and easier to see, but I didn't want to chance stamping over it a second time and not getting it aligned right, so I left it.  I added the brad just 'cause it seemed to need a little something else.  Maybe shoulda done ribbon too.  Whatever, it's done, and there's my first Card Cache post.  Yay!  Details about each card can be found in my SCS gallery.

I talk a lot, don't I?  This is a much longer post than I thought it would be.

Sadie update:  She's scheduled for surgery next Wednesday, and currently not much liking the fact that she's being confined a bit and we don't let her go up and down the stairs any more than absolutely necessary (when Lee is home, he carries her up and down the stairs).  She'll be positively *thrilled* when she's confined to a crate for a solid month other than short potty breaks.  I don't know who's going to find that tougher, her or me...Lee threw me under the bus and told the vet that I'm a sucker for puppy dog eyes and that I let Sadie get away with whatever she wants to do.  Then he was totally unabashed when I told Mom that he threw me under the bus.  Dude!!  But anyway, for now Sadie is coping (and occasionally milking it for sympathy), but she says that you can send her toys and stuff to keep her entertained during her captivity.  A stuffed bunny would be kind of funny considering how this happened in the first place.


Tanya said...

Cute baby cards!! I came for the stamping but stay for the travels and the stories. LOL.
Wisteria Wonder is a great soft purple. The card stock makes me think of cheap grape bubble gum.

Thoughts by B and M said...

I really need to get a onsey stamp - with all my friends having'd come in handy! Super cute cards (as always!)! :)

Giffysk8s said...

I soooooo love that onesie stamp! Seems like I am needing lots of baby cards. Yours are too cute!

I totally understand your thing about the sketch challenges. I kinda gave up on them because some of them take so freakin' long to do. I like the clean and simple cards, too. I just don't have the desire to spend hours on one card. Hmm. Maybe I'll reacquaint myself with my craft room, too.

Aww...poor Sadie!