Friday, June 29, 2012

Card Cache: By the Seashore

So, um, it's been a tough week here.  I kind of had a bit of a confrontation with someone today and I've given up my volunteer position because, of all the things stressing me out this week, that's the only one I could get rid of.  I'm hoping that will be enough to restore some balance to my life and that soon I'll be back to what passes for normal around here.  And that I'll continue to have fun in my craft room and have lots of pretties to share on here.

And with that, let's take a look at some cards, shall we?  Today's Card Cache is a stamp set that's brand new in the SU catalog called By the Seashore.  Despite not being much of a beach baby myself, I really, really like to get a lot of the beachy themed stamp sets; Ocean Commotion was a favorite and I was sad that it was only around for a year.  So anyway, By the Seashore was on my first order, and here is the first card I made with it:

This shows off some of the new In Colors, Summer Starfruit (the yellow, I'm not sure how much I like it yet...I still miss Crushed Curry!), Raspberry Ripple (the reddish pinky color) and Midnight Muse (the dark, dark blue).  I'm kind of in love with the new firm foam ink pads; the ink coverage is phenomenal and while they take some getting used to, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't salivating at the thought of getting an entire set of them.  But not anytime soon, we just spent a buncha money on Sadie's surgery, and I can do lots of stuff with my current ink pads.

These were for a recent sketch challenge over on Splitcoast; lately I seem to be going back and forth between two sentiment sets, Pursuit of Happiness (on the left) and Perfectly Penned (on the right).  Which is good 'cause I'm using all this stuff I bought, right? After I'd stuck everything down, I kind of wished I'd added some baker's twine or something especially to the starfish card, but I didn't want to unstick it all to do that.

I made 14 of these for a card swap, and when I discovered I'd cut two extra die cuts, I made up two more for my card cache.  I'm kind of in love with Baja Breeze (the card base color) because a.) when it retired as an In Color and we didn't know it would come back, I bought a TON of cardstock that color and b.) it seems to work well with my seashells.  Plus there's SO many color combos to play with, Baja looks good with practically everything.

I tweaked the colors just a bit and made a couple of these for a more masculine version.  Who decided that purple is a feminine color anyway?  Who decided that colors were masculine or feminine at all?  Well anyway, I liked it in this color combo too.

After I made that one card that I seriously disliked, I had to redeem myself and my shells so I made this one using a technique called thumping:  you ink up the stamp in a light color of ink and then use the brush tip of a marker to thump on a darker color, then stamp on your paper.  I suppose you could do more than one darker color, but I just used one for this card.  I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the effect on the shells:

I tried to take a good closeup shot and this is the best I got.  I want to try this technique with some more natural shell colors, like maybe Crumb Cake (light brown) with thumped-on Cajun Craze (deep orangey rust).  I've also seen some cards on Splitcoast with the shells stamped in white ink on darker cardstock, so I'd like to try that too.  One of these days : )  I've also decided that I have a serious hoarding problem when it comes to 12x12 patterned paper, so I was thinking perhaps I should start another personal challenge to use up some of that stash.  What would I call that challenge though...hmmm.  SU names all their patterned paper packs so I could put those on slips of paper and draw them periodically the way I've started doing with stamp sets; I'm embarrassed to think how many paper packs I have that I've never used even a tiny piece of.  (Lee, you didn't just read that.)  But no stamping for the next couple weeks while we're entertaining Lee's family as we gallivant (still love that word) around London and Scotland.

Sadie update:  She had another vet appointment today and he said she needs to be confined even MORE than she already is because she's moving around too much and she's developing a fluid buildup around the surgery site.  He called it something but I haven't a clue how to spell it.  Poor Say-Say has been having to wear the Cone of Shame pretty much all the time too because she won't quit messing with the leg if we don't put the cone on her.  You have never seen a more pathetic looking dog flower.  I'm still a little unhappy at the thought of leaving her in a boarding kennel for almost two weeks; not that I don't think they'll take good care of her but just because *I* won't be able to take care of her.  Though I wonder sometimes if I'm not doing a good enough job at that.  I just really want her to heal quickly; she just really wants to be a punk and refuses to eat unless I hand feed her every. single. time she's supposed to eat.  She's lost a kilo and a half.  Vader would happily eat anything Sadie didn't want, but if we don't want him to balloon up like a furry sausage he won't get his wish.

Well, it's past 10:00 and we have to get up early to go to the airport and of course I have yet to pack.  Guess I should go hand-feed Sadie, put the Cone of Shame on her while I feel like a miserable excuse for a human being with her guilt-trippy eyes on me, and then go pack so I can try to get some sleep.  Oy.  At least we got the house pretty cleaned up (not that we live in squalor, but we always try to have things extra-nice when people come over).


Tanya said...

Okay I love these!! I like the set even tho, like you, I'm not much of a beach person at all. :) Baja really IS the best water blue ever and I don't love Starfruit either. And that is a great plan on the packs of paper too.
Good luck with your puppy!!

Lynn said...

I love Baja Breeze too! Love looking at your cards! (This is Missy's Mom).