Monday, June 18, 2012

Disneyland Paris, Part 2

After my last post, I was struck by the undeniable urge to watch Sleeping Beauty.  And then I watched it with the commentary.  We've been on a little bit of a Disney movie kick lately; we've also watched The Princess and the Frog, Atlantis:  The Lost Empire, and Robin Hood (twice, for me at least).  Between the Paris trip and when we left for Italy, I also watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Aladdin, and maybe Hercules...not really sure if I actually watched Hercules or if I just thought about watching it.  But anyway, tangent.

We were just about done looking around the Sleeping Beauty exhibit in the castle when we heard music, so we went out to the parapet (isn't that just a neat word, parapet?) and saw the band:

Yay for bands, I love bands.  Even if this one is all brass and percussion, no woodwinds.

I took a picture of the Cinderella fountain for my SIL Adrienne, whose favorite Disney movie is Cinderella.  (Personally, I find her a bit hypocritical since she talks at the beginning of the movie about how they {her wicked stepfamily} can't stop her from dreaming, but then she tells the dog he shouldn't dream about catching the evil cat.)

Self-portrait as we boarded the happiest cruise in the Seven's a small world (hey, it's done with all lower-case letters in the Disney parks so I'm doing it the same way).  Lee took me to Disneyworld for our last spring break in college and we went on this ride the very first day, and then Lee sang the song from it for the next week.  The problem with that is he only knows part of a verse in Spanish and part of a verse in English.

For some reason when we go on that ride and I try to take pictures, the only ones that come out are the hippo and the French cancan dancers.

I'll have to dig up the scrapbook layout I did from that trip to Disneyworld, 'cause same pictures.

Here's the Haunted Mansion, which is pretty much the same as the one in California.  I can't remember for sure but I think maybe it was done in a mix of English and French for the speaking bits.  Or maybe just French.  We were disappointed though, no ghosts tried to hitchhike in our Doom Buggy.

This mosaic is on the floor of this arcade that runs along behind some of the Main Street shops; there's a thing where you can go in and it has something to do with the Statue of Liberty, I guess since she was a gift to the US from France?  We got bored fast since my French wasn't quite up to translating whatever it was they were saying in there, so we moved on.

We saw this sign kind of to the side and underneath the castle and I guessed (correctly) that "taniere" means "lair", so we went in and saw...

Maleficent!  I want a pet dragon, can I take this one home?  I think she'd get along fine with Sadie and Vader, don't you?

We went through the castle towards Fantasyland and found this neat Alice in Wonderland labyrinth that was actually really fun.

Lots of it is a hedge maze and you're trying to get to what I think is the house of the Queen of Hearts?  The maze was pretty good, tall enough that even Lee couldn't see over and cheat to find the end.  They had a fun bit where fountains shoot water at each other in patterns but somehow I didn't take any pictures of that.

The Cheshire Cat's eyes move like he's a ginormous clock.

It took some work to crouch down there so my booty didn't show on the side of the card.  I need a smaller booty.  Or maybe I just need to be shorter, pretty sure that picture opportunity was meant for kids.

There's my sweetie pie!  We did eventually find the building in the middle of the labyrinth.

Just 'cause I thought he looked cool.  We climbed up into the building and you can see down to all the people trying to figure out which way to go in the maze.

One last castle picture and that pretty much wraps up our day at Disneyland Paris.  I think our last ride was Pirates of the Caribbean again, and then we left around 8 o'clock because we were tired and our feet were REALLY unhappy with how much walking we did during that week, not just at Disneyland but in Paris in general.

Ok, I'm off to my stamping room, here's hoping I create something pretty today.  TTFN!


adifrog said...

Yea! Thanks for the picture! Looks like you had a great time.

CCsMom said...

I have tried 3 times now to make a comment on this blog. It is frustrating.

CCsMom said...

Well, it finally worked.

I started to say, I love how the castle looks like it's coming right out of the rock.

Didja see the first photo of Maleficent, the movie? Didja? Huh? Huh? It is going to be SOMETHING. Even though I don't like Angelina, she will do a super job, I'm sure.

Giffysk8s said...

What's not to love about Disneyland? I grew up in LA and have literally been there about 40 times. It never grows old, even though I do. Ha ha.

Love your self-portrait. You two always look like you're at the happiest place on Earth.

Yes, parapet is a neat word!

I just read your mama's comment above. How could I not have known about Maleficent the movie???