Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Flashback: Elegant Notes

Sadie update:  she seems to be doing okay for the most part.  She whines a little sometimes, but I think if I were the one who'd had knee surgery, I'd be whining a lot more than she is (and I wouldn't be stuck in a kennel, either...I'd still get Internet access).  Last night she was realllllly fighting going to sleep, which was kind of hilarious to watch because she had her tongue sticking out just a little bit and she'd start to lean over like she was going to conk out and then she'd catch herself and straighten up again, only to repeat the process about 30 seconds later.  I think maybe she's afraid if she goes to sleep again, someone will shave the other half her back end.  Poor little Say-Say.

I stayed downstairs with her last night and slept on the couch, and she was quiet all night--it was Vader who woke me up over and over.  We've got wood flooring in most of the downstairs and he kept getting up and moving around and he's got the LOUDEST TOENAILS ON THE PLANET.  Yeah, if I spend tonight downstairs with Sadie, I'm going to lock Vader upstairs where he can't make as much noise.

Anyway, I do have some non-dog-related stuff to share today, so how about we resurrect the Friday Flashback?  I was pretty pleased when I drew the name of the stamp set out of the hat for today, because it's Elegant Notes and you know how I love music.  Turns out I'd only made one lonely card with this stamp set and I didn't much care for it:

The Elegant Notes gallery on SCS is pretty sparse too.  I rarely have much luck when it comes to using Bravo Burgundy.  I don't know, that sketch kind of has potential, but the patterned paper and the stamped scripty background are just too close in scale to look good together.  So yes, I needed some pretty Elegant Notes cards for today, and here's the first one:

I stamped the Basic Black cardstock with one of my old favorite background stamps, Filigree, and then clear embossed it which I think looks pretty classy.  The rest of the card was super-simple and fast too; I cut out the shape with my Labels Framelits (my new favorite toy, seriously I've used them a ton this week), stamped and sponged it, threw on some ribbon and bada-bing bada-boom.  Then I decided that this would be a good card to make multiples for a gift set, so I made 8 total with coordinating envelopes and on the 8th one I realized I had totally run myself out of adhesive.  Oops.  So I had to buy a cartridge to last me until my Great Rewards (Lee, that means I got it for FREE, it's an SU deal) adhesive order gets here.

The other night I was flipping through photos of my old card creations and came across one that I liked the layout, so that was the genesis for this card. I've got a couple boxes of patterned paper scraps, so I flipped through those until I found a big scrap of Bella Rose paper, and then I made 3 of these cards because that scrap was *that* big.  Then I used another scrap of Bella Rose paper for this card:

So yeah, I totally love the treble clef because a.) I used to play flute and piccolo, you can't get more treble than that, and b.) I think the treble clef is more recognizable as being music-related than the bass clef if you show it to someone without musical training.  But I saw this sketch and thought oh why not, so I did the treble and bass clefs together.  I think this might be my favorite of the cards today, I like the super-clean lines.  And it's pink and purple.  Maybe I could have added something like some ribbon or something, but I kinda like it simple and easy to mail.

I did two girly-looking music cards so I wanted something blue and, if not masculine, then at least more gender-neutral, so this is what I came up with.  The three little squares were already cut like that in my scrap stash, so I just went with that when I found the sketch.  After I stamped it though I kind of thought that the three stamps on the main image panel just kind of look like a random assortment rather than a cohesive collage-y group, so I'm kind of meh about this card.  And then I thought maybe a bigger flourish would help.

Ta-da, bigger flourish.  You can see I was experimenting a bit with the placement of the elements here.  When I started work on these, I thought I'd give Bravo Burgundy another go and see if I could make something I liked with it, which is when I discovered that SU hardly ever makes patterned paper with that color in it.  Thank goodness for the paper stacks where they do monochromatic patterns in every color : )  I also stamped the inside of these, since you kind of have to do an insert on a Bravo Burgundy card base or you wouldn't be able to read anything on the inside.

So the only stamp in the set that I *didn't* use is the one that says "This music belongs to" because when do you need that?  I do have quite a lot of sheet music but it's been in storage for several years and I'm not about to stamp it all with my name on it.  And then I thought really, today most people's music is all on their iPods and then I thought wouldn't it be freakin' HILARIOUS to do a "This music belongs to" tag for an iPod?  Well, I thought so, but I didn't make one because really, I'm not going to stick it on my iPod for real because I'm always moving my iPod from place to place, oftentimes in a case.  But the idea tickled me nonetheless.

Dude, I really do talk a lot.  If you're curious, all the details and recipes for each of these cards will very shortly be up in my SCS gallery.  Once I get that done, I'm going to go sit with Sadie in the living room and cross stitch for a while.  Ta-ta!

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Thoughts by B and M said...

Yup. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again- LOVE THE BLACK AND BLUE CARD! :) Looking good! Enjoy your weekend and see you on Wednesday, right?