Sunday, June 3, 2012

Miranda, Part 4

Yesterday we got back from a 10-day trip to Italy with our friends Scott and Sarah...I'm pretty sure I ate my own bodyweight in mozzarella and tomatoes 'cause they're SO GOOD together.  I'm also pretty sure we walked about 100 miles and up and down about a gazillion stairs in the last 10 days, so hopefully I haven't doubled my bodyweight despite what I was eating : )  I'll start posting the Italy pics as soon as I finish the Paris pics...and can I just say I still have to pinch myself 'cause sometimes I don't believe that little ol' me gets to go places like Paris and Rome and Venice?  Sometimes it hardly seems real.

So yeah, we got back yesterday and got home around 1 in the afternoon with two dogs who were very excited to get out of jail.  And they're also kind of stinky, so they'll be getting baths in the very near future.  Well, Lee and I were feeling lazy after all that walking (and gelato), so we sat down with lunch and watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade because we were examining the Venetian landmarks.  Then we watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because during the month of May we saw artistic masterpieces by 3 out of 4 Turtles' namesakes (I think we missed Donatello somehow).  Then Lee went upstairs to upload pictures on the computer and I watched Ghostbusters because a.) it is awesome and b.) I wanted another New York-based movie after TMNT.  TMNT is still fun to watch.

But anyway, while watching all those classics from yesteryear, I worked on May's stitching project.  Yeah, I cheated a bit since it was already after the first of June and I should be moving on to the next one, but we were traveling for like half of May and I didn't want to quit working on Miranda yet.  So here's what she'll look like eventually:

And here's what she looks like now, she has a face!

You can see the previous progress pics if you click here.   Despite being gone and/or sick for over half of May, I completed 5,916 stitches for a grand total of 30,201 (over 75% done!).  I have less than 10,000 more to go so maybe two more rotations and she'll be done!!  I started out this month on her face, doing the eyes, nose and mouth first and then working my way to the lightest skin tone colors, which were interesting because a lot of them are blends of a pink and a yellow.  My camera even recognizes her face as a face (does your camera do a little box around people's faces?), which was kind of gratifying.  Want to see a closeup?

Working on her face was easy and fun; enough color changes to be interesting, but not so many as to be tedious.  After that I worked some more on her shoulder and filled in parts of her clothing just to do something different than flesh tones, then went back and worked on her neck and necklaces.  I think the rest of it will go pretty fast too; the folds in her robe have a fair amount of color changes but it doesn't look too terribly difficult.  This is a 9-page pattern, but the pages along the far right and the bottom are small partial pages; I've finished the top 3 pages and all 3 along the left side of the pattern, so I have just one more full page to complete and 3 partials.  As usual, I kind of hate to put her away, but it's time to get back to work on The Quarry, and this time I'll get to work on some bluebonnets I think, so it's all good.

But for now, I need to unpack and do some laundry.  Have a wonderful Sunday!


Giffysk8s said...

Oh my, she is beautiful! Makes me want to start mine. I haven't stitched since November. Sad, huh?

So glad you had a good trip and got home safely. Can't wait to see your photos!

We are going through our daily itineraries now. The scoop you gave me for Paris is soooooo awesome! Thanks you so much!

Really been missing you. Hope we get to catch up soon!

Amber Hight said...

You have definately traveled the world now, lol! Can't wait to see your pics! Glad you had fun with Scott and Sarah:) Miranda is quite beautiful, you amaze me! I seriously need to try xstitching again, I have so much time, haha! Miss you, hunni XOXO

CCsMom said...

Wow, this is incredible, Christy! It just amazes me how the picture comes out of "thin air" like that. So beautiful.