Monday, June 25, 2012

Notre Dame, Part 2

Sadie update:  We took Miss Bee to the vet on Saturday morning and he says her incision looks "smashing" but that it looks like she's messing a little bit with her leg--she had some red above the incision where she'd been licking it.  She doesn't mess with it if we're in the room with her, so now if we have to leave her alone, she has to wear the Cone of Shame.  Even then, she doesn't fight with us when we put it on her, she just does her darnedest to look SO pathetic that you can't help but laugh at her and then you feel like a horrible human being for laughing at her.

I have a lot of stuff I need to do in my craft room right now (swaps, late Father's Day cards {yeah, I totally missed that one}, birthday cards, etc.) and I didn't want to leave Say downstairs by herself all day yesterday, so I convinced Lee to carry her up the stairs and put her in my craft room.  She spent most of the day in there with me yesterday, chillin' underneath my craft table while I stamped up a storm (seriously, I got SO MUCH done yesterday), and she really didn't move around more than she would have in the kennel.  I thought she seemed happier for the change of scenery but maybe I'm projecting my feelings onto her.  She's been a very good little girl with this whole recovery process thus far, so I just hope she won't be subjected to the Cone of Shame for very long.  (And because I am a horrible human being, I do have CoS pictures of her...but not for today's post).

Sooooooooo Lee's family gets here on Saturday and we're going to be gallivanting (love that word, gallivanting) about the countryside for two weeks while Sadie and Vader are in jail (though Sadie is pretty much in jail anyway) and that means I won't be posting Paris and Italy pictures unless I figure out how to schedule posts and actually take the time to *write* like a dozen posts for while we're gone, and come on, when has my time management ever been *that* good?  So we'll just truck along as far as we can this week and see what happens next week.  To that end, I bring you more Notre Dame pictures, but this time we got there early in the day and paid our money to climb lots of stairs (stairs, I love stairs!) to the top of the church to meet some gargoyles.

Ho-hum.  Same thing, different century.

So some of the gargoyles are fantastical creatures and others are clearly based on real-life animals, but they're an interesting mix.  Some of them are kind of deteriorated; well, even if they weren't put on the church when it was first begun 849 years ago, they're still pretty dang old.

View of Paree from the top of the church.  You can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance towards the left on the horizon.

And here it is zoomed in a bit.  It was a little hazy this particular day.

More gargoyles, facing in toward the center of the church.

Hard to get good pictures from this angle since it was backlit.  They only let a certain number of people go upstairs at a time, which is good because the walkways are narrow, but when we went up there were these two extremely silly girls who were flipping out about the height.  I'm not convinced it was actual acrophobia or if they were just pretending, but WHY would you pay the money and climb all those stairs if you know you're terrified of heights?

There's one of the downspouts that killed Frollo in the Disney movie :)  Oh, speaking of which, you know the part where Phoebus follows Quasimodo up the stairs and they're arguing about how Esmeralda has sanctuary in the church and they're on this little bitty spiral staircase?  Pretty sure we walked up those exact same stairs.

Is it weird if I say this gargoyle kind of looks like Tommy Lee Jones?  Maybe just because we saw Men in Black III last week.

Another view of the Seine and part of the city.  Apparently there was some kind of demonstration or something going on, you can see all the traffic backed up and on the right, on the bridge, you can see a line of police.  We didn't go towards that area of the city when we finished touring Notre Dame, so no idea what was going on.

This one reminds me of that really creepy Goya painting of Saturn eating one of his children.  Don't click on the link if you don't want to see said really creepy painting.

We were also able to climb up into the bell tower, but Quasimodo was nowhere in sight.  This isn't a great picture; it was dark in there, and the original photo all you could see was a little bit of the reflection on the clapper.  I read a sign that said the current bells at Notre Dame are actually of rather poor quality (older bells were lost in the anti-religious fury of the French Revolution) so they are currently raising money to purchase new bells for the church's 850th anniversary next year.  Also, if you look the bell tower is all done in wood (as it was in the Disney movie) because the wood absorbs some of the vibration from the bells and keeps it from damaging the stonework on the rest of the church.  Interesting, huh?

The gargoyles' facial expressions are kind of funny to me; I imagine that one in the middle is saying, "What on earth are they doing down there?"

And this is what he was looking at in the square in front of the church.  No idea why this chickie is dressed in a Santa outfit and probably freezing her buns off.

I kinda like this picture and I'm going to ignore the fact that the horizon tilts to the left.

See, this one is nowhere near as creepy as the earlier gargoyle.  Maybe because he's eating grapes and not something that looks...non-planty.

See, here's another one who is either surprised or horrified by what he's seeing.  I think it's kind of interesting to have this ancient gargoyle juxtaposed with the modern skyscraper in the background.

Some of the detail on the church.

And some green statues.  They don't do a tour really, just let you up onto the roof to walk around and then usher you back down, but to be fair the walkways are so narrow there's no way to do a tour for any group larger than say four or five people.  There was a small shop where they sell books and stuff relating to the church, which is where we bought our tickets to climb up to the top, but I didn't get anything there because I didn't realize you don't get to go back through it on the way down.  Oh well.

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