Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Yep, today is my mom's birthday, so happy birthday to herrrrrrr!  I was looking for a picture to put on here today and couldn't find the one I was looking for (I'm in a hotel and all I've got is the laptop; our photos are stored on the Mac at home) but I did find this one from when my parents were out here last year so it'll do:

We all went in together and got Mom a new camera for her birthday.  She already knows that so I can write that here : )  Mom, I hope you have a fantastic birthday, and I wish I was there to help you celebrate!

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CCsMom said...

LOVE the picture, Kik! Glad you didn't say, "Hey, it's my mom's birthday and she's ___ old. Thank you for that! I did have a fantastic birthday and I was wishing you were here to celebrate with me. You would have LOVED the Blue Man Group! Love you!