Sunday, August 19, 2012

Like riding a bike!

So after spending a lot of time this morning reading about Lenin and Stalin (did I mention my current class is Russia & Eastern Europe in World Affairs?  I'm gonna just call it REEWA now), I needed to do something else for a while.  Last week, my friend Carrie asked to see a picture of my mom so I showed her the scrapbook I'd started from when my parental units visited us in Okinawa in 2008, and so today I thought I'd work on a new layout for that because at some point I'd love to actually have some *finished* scrapbooks to show off.  Behold!

Yeah, sorry for the glare on the center photos, but I was just so excited that I'd gotten a layout started *and* completed in a single afternoon that I didn't stop to take a better pic of the layout.  These are the professional pictures we had done at White River photo studio (see the original blog post here).  What took the longest was trying to figure out what colors and papers I wanted to use...Mom and I are wearing two very different bold colors, Dad and Lee are basically in black, but all of us had some gold on our outfits, which gave me the So Saffron background color.  I really loved that floral pattern on the top of the layout (it's a stripe from a sheet that has stripes of a bunch of different patterns) and then I thought the Old Olive was a good complimentary color for both the teal and red without competing with them.  Kept it really simple since these were kind of formal portraits, but I'm pretty pleased with it.

So now I've done a grand total of TWO scrapbook pages this year.  Yay me!

And now I need to go finish reading my chapter about Stalin.  Things I can mark off my list of things to do today:
-- read chapter 5 (working on chapter 6 now)
-- make a scrapbook layout (yay!)
-- email Dad about next summer's trip itinerary
-- clean toilets
I'm about to melt what with 85-degree temps and no AC, so I think I'll go find myself a fan and something cool to drink.  Ta!


Giffysk8s said...

Oh, I LOVE this layout! Your colors always coordinate perfectly. That's something I need to spend some time doing. It's not my strength.

Where are you going on next summer's trip?

Hope you made some progress on REEWA. :)

CCsMom said...

So very nice. One of these days, I'm going to start on my Okinawa book. I have so many things gathered for it . . . when am I going to get the time?!!! Love your layout.