Tuesday, August 28, 2012


If you watch NCIS, you know how Tony likes to give McGee all kinds of nicknames that start with "Mc", and it's a habit I've kinda picked up a bit here and there (my dogs are often called McMuffins).  I've also caught myself saying "On your six!" when I'm behind someone.  But anyway, today I'm McStampy!  I finished up another scrapbook layout yesterday, woohoo:

Dude, I think I'm almost kind of a little bit obsessed with those seashells from SU's By the Seashore, I can't stop using them.  For this, I stamped them in VersaMark onto Very Vanilla cardstock, heat embossed with clear embossing powder, and then used sponge daubers to color them with Pool Party and Island Indigo ink to help them stand out against the background paper.  The patterns are kinda busy but the layout itself is fairly simple so I think it kinda works, though I wonder if I just squished too many different colors on here.  Still happy that I've got another layout done.

Made this to send to my brother, the Oklahoma State Cowboy, along with some cookies which are going in the mail tomorrow.  Still love that cowboy stamp, I've used it tons of times.  One of these days we'll do a Friday Flashback with Bronc Buster.

And here's something bright and cheery for today's SCS color challenge.  It's been forever and a day since I last played with any Ketto stamps so it was fun to kinda get reacquainted a bit.  I already know who will be getting this little girl in the mail too, gonna be sending off several things tomorrow!  (As always, more details over in my SCS gallery if you're interested.)

The doctors here are literally out for my blood.  I had blood drawn earlier this month for an annual thyroid check, and then again because my doctor said she wanted to check my cholesterol just because I'd never had it checked before.  I called to get the results today and turns out she only ordered a lab for the HDL, not the entire cholesterol panel, so now they want me to have blood drawn AGAIN.  Not my favorite thing to do, especially three times in one month.  Ack!  I kinda want to tell them hahahaNO but I'm sure I'll be seeing the vampires again tomorrow.

As Emily would say, I'm off like a prom dress (made me laugh so hard when she said it on her blog last week) 'cause I need to make dinner.  Maybe I'll be back soon with more Italy pictures...been spending so much time reading about Soviet history and politics lately that I haven't been getting around to other stuff as much as I'd like (she said, right after posting three crafty pictures).  Well, almost done with the textbook and then just three teensy tiny little essays to write.  Tata for now, peeps!


Amber Hight said...

I loveeeeee that layout, the colors are perfect, you nailed it! The cards are perfect too, I love Ketto! I need to bust my Bellas out too!
Sorry to hear the vamps are out for your blood, they're vicious! <3 you!!!

CCsMom said...

I am ready for some football and that OSU card reminded me that it's starting. Yay! LOVE the card, by the way. You are so talented.