Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rome: Colosseum & Forum

I turned in my first essay for my class yesterday, and I got full marks on it even though I forgot to incorporate the word "abrogate".  (I'm a word nerd, and just thought it sounded like a fun word to use when writing about the Russian Revolution.)  I did use "inception", "depredations", "culminated", and "onerous", as well as using "peasant" or "peasantry" a LOT.  Next paper will probably have lots about Stalin, who I'm pretty convinced was the basis for Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars.

Want a Sadie update?  She had an appointment on Tuesday and won't need another checkup until late next month.  She's still doing fine, and now cleared for 15-minute walks every day.  After a couple weeks we'll up that to two walks per day (well, at least I'll be getting some exercise too...) before trying a longer route.  She sometimes barely limps and other times she still looks a bit pathetic, and when she stands she doesn't put much weight on the injured leg, so she looks kinda lopsided in the back.

As for Vader, Lee and I decided this week that he has doggy Tourette's.  He'll be laying on the floor, snoozing peacefully, and randomly bark.  Even HE looks surprised sometimes when he barks.  Other times I think it's because he hears something but it gets a little annoying sometimes.  At least he doesn't bark nearly as much as the annoying mop dog next door.

Anyway, Rome.  We walked a really long way to get to the Forum and the Colosseum.

Unfortunately, we didn't take a tour or anything of either site, so I kind of have no idea what we're looking at.

That at least, I can tell you with 98% certainty is the Colosseum.  Alas, we did not get to approach it riding a Vespa a la Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, but it was still pretty cool.  Before we went in, we decided to get lunch at a cafe nearby, which was yummy.  The one thing that confused me was when I went to the restroom and tried to wash my hands:  no handle on the faucet.  It took me 10 minutes of looking around before I figured out you step on a lever on the floor to make the water flow!

This place is mind-bogglingly massive.  And just thinking of how many animals and people met their end here makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Originally this was all covered over by the floor of the arena, and this was underground where they kept animals or gladiators or something.  It's like the backstage area.  And if I remember right, at one point I think they filled the Colosseum with water and staged mock naval battles.  That's one emperor-sized bathtub to play with boats.

Lee took this of us, and then I took some pictures of him goofing off:

Isn't he adorable?!  He should know better than to goof off in front of the camera if he doesn't want it posted all over the Internet for both of you readers to see.

One more 'cause he's just that cute.

They had some exhibits set up inside the Colosseum to show different bits of stonework and some historical schtuff.

We spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get down to that semicircle where the people are, only to conclude that it must have been some kind of special access for a tour group.  Rats.

Once outside the Colosseum, we moseyed towards the Forum and saw this proof that Napoleon got the idea for a triumphal arch from the Romans.  This is the Arch of Constantine.  I think.  And this thing is almost 1700 years old.

View of the Colosseum from across the street.

I love my sweetie pie!

And Sarah loves hers too : )

I think this picture is cuuuuuuuuuuuute.

Right after this we saw the first of several bridal photo shoots and/or weddings of the day:

I think it's funny that I got the other people in the shot taking pictures of the bride.  Lee would have tried to take one without them but I think it's funnier this way.

I must have taken this one too, it leans to the left.

And that's it for the forum and Colosseum.  Kinda wish I'd gotten to go on a tour like Vicki did with her family, but what can ya do.  We did do a tour right after this...


Giffysk8s said...

You know, the whole reason I read your blog is to see your adorable sweetie goofing off for the camera. :)

I really love the photo of the two of you in front of the Arch of Constantine. And I LOL about you taking a photo of someone taking a photo! You know, I'm not sure I would want the Colosseum in my wedding photos. I'd prefer something less murderous.

Didn't you count the stairs you climbed for the Colosseum? I wish you had so that I'd know how many I'd climbed! I forgot to count for myself. Hee hee!

So glad that Say is on the mend. :)

CCsMom said...

So here I am . . . after all this time. Dad isn't feeling so hot, so he's not on the computer playing the tank game. LOVE the photos of Rome. I would just be pinching myself -- HEY, I WAS THERE!!! This is on my bucket list -- beautiful countryside and just to see all the beauty. I am jealous. Been thinking of you. Love you!!!

Amber Hight said...

Hahaha, awww! Ree is so cute! I miss you guys:) Fab pics!!