Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Card Cache: Artistic Etchings

So I've been working on cards for today's Card Cache post for quite some time and it was getting to the point where I could keep making different cards and never get the post written so I decided to just call it a day.  Today's stamp set of choice is Artistic Etchings, which was an impulse buy for me a while back but I've had some fun playing with it.  First let's open up the vault and look at some older cards (still laughing that I have a vault...)

These were the first cards I made with the stamp set.  Usually I'm not so great with the collage thing but I think I really got it to work here, so I stuck with that theme for a couple cards.

Hey, what says Valentine's Day more than the Eiffel Tower and the city of love?  Ok, ok, it's the city of lights, but close enough.  I made a whole set of these, and I cut out all the pieces before I put together a prototype and my original layout idea didn't work, so I had to figure out something else using the pieces I'd already cut.  I think it worked in the end though.

For my SIL's birthday earlier this year, again with the collage thing.  Still, I think it came out best on the first two cards.  And then for a while I was stuck on Concord Crush (the really deep purple color) and this stamp set.

This was for a more recent sketch/color challenge combo and I'm not sure how much I like it.

This was for last week's Dynamic Duos challenge; I made the card and then I forgot to get it posted before the challenge expired.  Oops.  I embossed the tower in pewter embossing powder; the "merci" is from a set called Tous mes remerciements (now retired), which was the French version of Thank You Kindly, probably my favorite-ever stamp set for thank you sentiments.  I love that SU has versions of some stamp sets in other languages.

For last week's sketch challenge and also a personal challenge to use the Fan Fair designer series paper.  I thought it was pretty in the catalog and then when I got it in hand I thought now what the heck am I gonna do with it?  But I did find a few patterns I liked.  That whole panel where the Eiffel Tower is was cut out of one of the sheets of paper; it has a full-sheet pattern on one side and a bunch of cut-out-able stuff on the other side.

After embossing the tower in pewter a couple of times, I thought I'd see what it looked like in white emboss resist.  I wish I'd embossed the sentiment in white directly on the patterned paper but other than that I kinda like this one.  And I think I love Marina Mist, it's such a pretty blue.

This was for a Dynamic Duos challenge a couple weeks ago and also a personal challenge to make a card with Artistic Etchings *without* using the Eiffel Tower.  Super simple but I really liked this one, even though it was River Rock and I typically dislike River Rock.  And I think that quote is pretty cool too.

Still using the Card Cache to catch up on old sketch and color challenges, and this is another one of those ridiculously complicated gonzo sketches that I'm glad to have checked off my list of ones left to do.  Ugh.  I think I've turned into kind of a CAS-plus kinda girl, I like to keep the layouts and designs pretty simple and clean lines, not so darned many crazy things happening in one card.  So that's all she wrote for Artistic Etchings...for now at least.  I had another couple ideas knocking around in my head...so many ideas, so little time!  And I still have essays to write and baby books to produce, neither of which I have started.  Better get crackin.  Tata, peeps!


Giffysk8s said...

I, for one, am thankful that you bought this set on an impulse. Your impulse buy led to my impulse buy and I totally love this set! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pewter and white embossed Eiffel Towers. Can you guess what cards will start my own card cache replenishment efforts? I am so envious of the French "Thank you Kindly" set. :(

Tata backatcha!

CCsMom said...

I kinda like the white tower on the blue. That is so cool. What did you think of the stamp I just sent you of the tower? I got it at Michael's and I liked it because it said Paris on it. Such an awesome site. They have a little figurine in Michael's right now that is white and spells out Paris with the "I" being the tower. It was neat-looking, too!