Monday, September 24, 2012

Miranda, Part 5

It's not the last day of the month quite yet, but we're breaking the rules today so here's a cross stitch update post for ya!  September's Scarlet Quince project, you may remember, is Miranda:

When we last left off at the beginning of June, I had 30,201 stitches completed out of 39,894.  On September 10, I was up to 34,838 stitches but my camera was out of batteries, so no photo.  On September 15, here's what she looked like:

That's 37,644 stitches down.  Getting close!  Well, as of last Friday, here's what she looks like now!

Ta-daaaaaaaaaahhh!  All 39,894 stitches DONE, baby.  Not the greatest picture since it's been raining here almost nonstop for two days, so natural light ain't exactly phenomenal, but you get the point.  I'm quite proud of her.  Now I just need to send her off to Mom to have her framed!  (And after that, Miranda will live at Mom's house until such time as we return to the States.)  This is the one that I started the same month that we moved to England.

If I may continue to pat myself on the back and toot my own horn (hehe), yesterday I sat down and managed to write a 3 1/2 page essay in one sitting and get it sent in to my professor.  I now have just one more essay left to go and this class is in the can, too. *happy dance*

And because I am not one to sit still when it comes to having an insane number of projects in the works (I already know I need my head examined, no need to tell me that), I am now prepping to start my next SQ project in January:

Hey look, it's raining in Japan too.  Pip pip cheerio, peeps!


Alexis said...

Gorgeous! I keep wanting to order one of those but I have soooo many stitch kits sitting waiting for me as it is!

CCsMom said...

Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Have you ever noticed that is my word of choice when things are . . . well, awesome?!!! Hee, hee!

Tomorrow is a BIG DAY. So happy for you and Ree. Thinking of you.

Love you!