Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Accolade, Part 4

The end of another month means it's time once again for a stitching update.  The Scarlet Quince project for August was The Accolade:

Oooh, ahhh.  So here's what mine looks like so far:

Still but a tiny portion of the entire piece, but I'm making progress.  Want a closeup?

This month was very...gray.  I did 8,965 stitches for a grand total of 18,823 and 12.5% done.  This is the first time I've felt like I've made a real good amount of progress on this project; it's the biggest of the four and has so far been the slowest.  I'm through the first two pages and half of the third; what remains on the top row is about a page and a half but it looks like they won't be overly complicated to get through.  I've already started working on Miranda, which is the smallest project and also the closest to being finished : )

In other news, I chopped off my hair again.

Hard to see in the pic but I was trying to do a self-portrait so that's what you get for now.  It feels shorter this time than last time I had it all chopped off, I think because I got more layers this time.  I like it so far and it was definitely fun to see the giant pile of hair on the floor when the stylist finished with me.  I've discovered it pretty much looks the same whether I try to dry it or let it air-dry so there's a good excuse to be lazy and not do my hair.

In the didn't-see-that-one-coming file, I got a letter today from my friend Beth.

This is us at Beth's wedding in 2004.  We were roommates in college for a semester back when we had the same last name.  I love Beth to pieces and hardly ever get to talk to her; she is the most unplugged person I know.  So anyway, I got a letter from her today and she's pregnant!  Total surprise.  When I make baby books, I always do them in pairs (and once a trio) so I've been wondering for a couple of months now who else was going to announce a pregnancy, and now I've got my answer!  Now I just need to get crackin' on those.  And my essays for class.


Giffysk8s said...

Every time I see your stitching progress, I get stoked up and want to attack mine. Maybe soon!

I like your new 'do! Looks super cute and bouncy. :)

Did Lee get a long weekend? Hope you two have had some fun!

CCsMom said...

Good to see a photo of you and Beth -- two very sweet Baylor Bears. So as soon as you get her address to me, I'll write her a note.

I still can't believe how much detail there is in the Scarlet Quince projects when there is absolutely NO backstitching. Amazes me!!!

Good to talk to you today. Best way ever to start my week!

Love you!!! Mom