Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trevi Fountain & the Mouth of Truth

Quick Sadie update:  I noticed on our walk today that she's using her injured leg more when she trots, though she still picks it up sometimes when she wants to hurry.  We discovered over the weekend that the "normal" walking route (about twice as far as what we've been doing) is still too much for her; her limp was much more pronounced after we tried the long walk one time so we gave her a day off and then started back on the shorter walks.  I'm going to try to take her twice a day the shorter distance, I'm sure she'll like that : )

Let's go back to Rome, shall we?  I'm not 100% sure I'm showing all our pictures in order but whatever, we went to the famous Trevi Fountain.

This is a triton with a hippocampus (I think that would be the singular of hippocampi, right?)

And the one on the other side.  I think one side is supposed to symbolize calm water and the other rough seas.

Oceanus in the middle.

These two ladies are in niches to the sides of Oceanus.

One more shot of him 'cause I liked it.

There's us!  Legend has it that if you throw a coin into the fountain over your shoulder, you will return to Rome.  Lee says I almost beaned someone in the head with my coin.

And here he is miming his throw.  Heh.

I think I've mentioned before that I am a fan of Audrey Hepburn, right?   Just before we left for Italy, I had to re-watch Roman Holiday, so of course we had to go see this:

It's the Mouth of Truth that will eat your hand if you're a liar!

It's in front of a church, Santa Maria in Cosmedin, and we had to stand in line in the hot sun for a long time to get our pictures taken but it was WORTH IT to me.  We also got to go in the church afterward and they have a small gift shop where I got my one and only Roman souvenir (other than the photos we took), a magnet with this image on it:

I have a collection of magnets on my cardstock file cabinets in my craft room, little cheap souvenirs of places we go.  Some are pictures of the actual places we went (the Eiffel Tower, Old Wardour Castle), while others are more references to the place (I got two Shakespearean quote magnets when we went to Stratford-upon-Avon), and there's a few movie magnets.  In fact, two weeks ago we went to see Stomp in London and found a movie memorabilia shop and I got a magnet of my favorite movie poster from the Empire Strikes Back.  But I digress, back to Rome.

The floor inside the church, isn't it pretty?  I know our underground Rome tour guide told us something fascinating about the floors like this one and of course I can't remember what it was.

Self-portrait time!  You know what, I was looking at this picture and I'm starting to get crow's feet I think, but I like 'em.  Means I spend a lot of time smiling...especially when I'm with that handsome man!

We walked around for a bit after not having our hands bitten off by the Mouth of Truth and found this butterfly wall:

No idea why it's there or who made it, but pretty!

And there's my sweetheart on the tram heading back towards our hotel.  They have an underground train system in Rome, but nowhere near as extensive as Paris or London; the underground tour guide told us that the main reason for that is Rome's archaeological pancakeyness--there's just so much historical stuff underground that it's really difficult to do any big building projects like a massive underground system without destroying important artifacts.  Once again, I feel like America is historically poor in comparison.

Ok peeps, I have GOT to quit procrastinating about my class essays (I had a bad headache all yesterday and didn't get anything done on writing...though I did go through notes for about two hours before I gave it up).  Next time I post I will have finished essay #2 and with any luck I will have started on some baby books too!


Giffysk8s said...

We'll see if Blogger lets me comment this time. Last time it refused to show me the secret code.

Love your photos of the Trevi Fountain. Seems like I was just there.

I think you looked every bit as fabulous posing with the Mouth of Trtuth as did Audrey Hepburn. And what's not to live about Roman Holiday? Now I have a hankering to watch it!

I love your crow's feet. You are lucky to have them!

CCsMom said...

The thing about all these statues is that I want to go up to touch them. Well, you DID get to touch the one from "Roman Holiday", didn't you? That is SO COOL! I have GOT to watch that movie again soon. There are a lof of them I'm wanting to take time to see again. Ah, to be retired.

The photos of you and Lee are great -- very nice-looking couple if I do say so myself!!!