Sunday, October 14, 2012

Florence: Santa Maria del Fiore

Since we've finally got through the last of the Rome pictures, we can start on Florence.  Yay!  I wish I'd taken pictures of our hotel; it was kind of an ultra-modern type place and the bathroom was completely purple--tiles on the walls and floor, the sink, even the toilet.  But alas, I didn't photograph it.

So our first day in Florence, after we shlepped our bags to the hotel on foot (yeah that was fun), we decided to try to find the Galleria dell'Accademia where Michelangelo's David lives, only to discover that most Italian museums are not open on Mondays.  Dangit.  Lee and I split up with Scott and Sarah for the afternoon and we happened to wander in the direction of Florence's Duomo, the basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore.  This place was super impressive.

I was impressed just with how ornately decorated the facade is.  I mean, look at that!

We found a place selling gelato just across from the Duomo, so of course we had to buy some.  I got some lemon gelato which was good, but really, really tart--I had to switch with Lee after a while.  Since he'd gotten through a lot more of his gelato than I had, I think he got the better end of that deal.

We walked all the way around this place, which was enormous.  Actually I think we kind of started on the back side of it.

If these were statues of women, I'd day they were hanging out and gossiping about all the people walking in the piazza below them, but they're dudes.  They're probably *still* gossiping.

There's the whole campanile tower where the dude statues live (and gossip).

And there's the front facade of the church.  We didn't go in; I know they had tours of the dome on the other side but we just wanted to look around the outside.  And I bought some art from a street vendor next to the basilica.

This is right across from the basilica.

And this is why I don't want a statue of me.  Birds poo on statues' heads.

Not this one though, this is a living statue.  We were looking for the Uffizi, another museum (also closed on Mondays), and this gentleman was kind enough to point us in that direction.  Then I put some money in his collection box and had my picture taken with him, and he kissed my hand afterwards.  He's even got gold paint in his mustache.

I wasn't real diligent about writing down exactly where we went after that, but I think maybe the statues are in the Palazzo Vecchio?

Ok, so I have a more than passing interest in Greek myth, but they are awfully heavy on the abductions and ravishments.  There were several abduction statues in this area.

Not a clue what this place was, but the courtyard was gorgeous.

And that's all I've got for today.  More in a day or two.  Tootles, peeps!

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