Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Flashback: Ain't Love Grand

Nine years ago yesterday, I wore a big white dress and walked down the aisle where I proceeded to giggle nonstop through the entire wedding ceremony.  I was so happy I just couldn't contain it.  Here's to the man who still makes me you Lee!!

So hey, third Friday Flashback in a row, aren't I getting all like predictable and stuff.  Today's stamp set is Ain't Love Grand, and there are no archives for this was a hostess set in last year's SU catalog, so I got it for free and then didn't do anything with it till now.  Since I have no archives, I went ahead and made a card with each of the six stamps in the set, thereby making a pretty good dent in the Splitcoast sketch and color challenges I haven't done yet : )

I don't know why I liked the blues and orange for a get-well card but it seemed to work in my for under the weather, orange for feeling better?  I have a stack of the 6x6 patterned paper pads that SU used to have for hostess stuff so I've been using those a lot lately.  Seriously, I did some organization/cataloging with my patterned paper last week and I think I've just about hit critical mass.  I've GOT to use this stuff, pronto.

I colored this one with Prismacolor colored pencils instead of the Watercolor Wonder Crayons because I wanted to get some nice shading on the balloon.  Mom and Dad took Adam and me to the Albuquerque balloon fiesta once when we were kids, and most of what I remember was having to get up at an hour so early it was absolutely obscene, and then freezing our butts off.  Mom said Adam didn't wear socks that day and she thought his toes would freeze off.  And there was a Tony the Tiger (you know, the Frosted Flakes mascot) balloon.

I'd forgotten all about this cloud paper in another 6x6 paper pad till I did that DSP jungle work last week, so I thought it'd be perfect for the plane.  I kinda like the layout; it's quite similar to the last one you'll see on this post but that's two sketches done on my list.  Booyah!

I think someone on Splitcoast thought this was blue but it's actually Almost Amethyst, one of SU's several sadly retired purples.  This wasn't a sketch challenge, though it was a color challenge...I kinda like this layout though.  And the argyle pattern, we need that in every color ever too.

So the car image is cute, but I think I flubbed the coloring a bit.  Maybe just because it's Bravo Burgundy, and the Burg and I don't get along most of the time.  That, and I used Watercolor Wonder Crayons, which are great but you have to have just the right amount of water on your brush to make them work really well.  The brush got a little too much water in it and that made it harder to control where the color went.

And here's the last one, which was a sketch challenge but not a color challenge.  I HAD to put this dude in a red coat and there weren't any color challenges with Real Red that weren't Christmas-y, so I just made up my own color combo and used up a scrap of that same Crushed Curry paper from the car card.

So I said I wasn't going to try to do a zillion cards for every Friday Flashback anymore, and still you got six cards today.  Mainly because I drew the stamp set name out of the proverbial hat (it's actually a plastic container) last Sunday after Lee left, so I had a week to make all these.  What will it be next week?  Who knows!  You'll just have to come back to find out : )  And leave me some comments, I feel like I've been talking to myself for a while here! (shameless begging)


Lee said...

I love you and it's been a wonderful 9 years!

Thoughts by B and M said...

aw! that's so sweet lee! Happy Anniversary, my dear friends!!!!!!

Love the cards and the pics from Italy.....truly I do! Can't wait until our next adventure! Hope there are still some scooby snacks to snack on!!!