Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Flashback: Stem Silhouettes

I'm sitting here with a cuppa tea (Russian Caravan) and a cookie and life is good.  We'll ignore the part where I need to quit eating so many cookies.

I think I'm going to change up how I do the Friday Flashback.  Up to now, I've been trying to come up with as many cards as I possibly can, which means a.) I delay doing a post so I can make more cards and b.) I've been kind of draining my creativity trying to pummel my brain to come up with a zillion different card ideas.  You may notice I've got quite a few other stampers' blogs on my sidebar and you know what?  Most of them only post one card at a time.  Sometimes multiples, but usually just one.  So I don't feel guilty for deciding that I'll just try to do one or two new cards for each Friday Flashback.  That will take some pressure off and maybe help me get in the habit of doing this post on a weekly basis.  The whole point is to get out my retired stamp sets and have some fun, right?  Right!

So let's flashback to Stem Silhouettes!

I made this for my stamp club a couple years ago as a kind of non-traditional Christmas card.  The, um, what kind of plant would you call that anyway?  The plant is stamped in white on Mellow Moss cardstock (retired) and then I think I used a marker to color the berries red.  The background is layered with two stamps, Print Pattern (love that one, haven't used it in a long time) and French Script.

Judging by the teal carpet, I'm sure I made this one after we got to England 'cause that's in my craft room here.  I think maybe I made this one last year?  It was for one of those annoying "color" challenges wherein there is only ONE color (Mellow Moss) and two neutrals.  To me, a color challenge should involve multiple COLORS, not a buncha neutrals, and I get kinda testy about it sometimes 'cause there are a LOT of Splitcoast "color" challenges that only have one color.  Or none.  Ok, so yeah sometimes the whole all-neutral look is interesting, but it gets boring week after week.

Off my rainbow-colored soapbox.  So I pulled Stem Silhouettes out of the hat for today's Flashback post and this was the first card I came up with:

Uh, oops?  Yeeeaaahhh, so this one doesn't have Stem Silhouettes on it at all.  I had this idea that I would stamp the Anne Frank quote (from Sage Advice) and then stamp one of the silhouettes in green behind it, but after I stamped the quote the leafy part just wouldn't work.  But I kind of liked where the card was going so I just went with it and this is the result. I do so miss Crushed Curry, that's my favorite yellow ever.  The card base is white cardstock, but plain white was too stark and Crushed Curry was an overload of yellow, so I split the difference and sponged Crushed Curry ink on the card base.

So here's my new Stem Silhouettes card.  Guess I was in a green-yellow-gray mood today?  Still catching up on sketch and color challenges on Splitcoast--got somewhere around 60 of each to go.  So anyway, this card is very simple but that seems to be my style anymore, kind of "clean lines" or "CAS-plus" I guess you could call it.  Not sure that my cards really fall under the CAS category (clean and simple) so maybe CAS-plus.

I might have an idea swirling around for one more card, we'll see.  Think I might go do something else for a bit before I decide if I want to try for another card today or not.  Hope you enjoyed the Flashback!


Tanya said...

I LOVE the sponged background on the Curry card!
I do that all the time, intend to use a certain stamp or other supply that just never makes it on the card...whoops! :)

CCsMom said...

I like that green color on the last card -- it looks to be the tone on the shirt I'm wearing right now. Niiiice!

Giffysk8s said...

I LOVE your Flashbacks! The only problem--and it's a BIG one--is that I covet all of your old stamps!