Monday, October 22, 2012

Guess Where We Were...

I'll give you a hint:  we were in Italy.  We took a train from Florence and then got on a bus and then we arrived here:

What's that I see peeking out from behind the buildings to the right?

Why yes it is, it's the Leaning Tower of Pisa!  (Obviously before Superman tried to push it back to vertical.)  Oh crud, I need to hurry up writing this post, I have to leave for the gym in 15 minutes.  Warp speed ahead, Mr. Sulu!

Look, there's my sweetie pie.  Can't wait till he gets home later this week.

As you might expect, this being a famous whoopsie architectural thing and thus a tourist magnet, it was pretty crowded.  But the weather was gorgeous.

Lee is sometimes obsessed with getting pictures with no people in them.  Sure, there are itsy bitsy people over near the tower, but no one in the foreground messing up his shot.

Couldn't decide which pic I liked better (the pitfall of taking a gabillion pictures) so I posted both.

Well, you have to take pictures like this.


Oh look, a rare shot with all four of us!  Mostly we took pictures of each other but this time we got someone to take a pic for us.

And now we're the leaning tourists of Pisa!

All along the right was a long line of souvenir shops selling Italian leather purses and T-shirts.  For some reason, Homer Simpson is very big in Italy, we saw Homer shirts *everywhere*.

This building is the baptistry.  I think maybe you can go in?  We didn't have much time; we had train tickets back to Florence so we had like 2 hours to go see the tower and eat lunch, then take the bus back to the train station.

I rather liked that statue on the left, here you can see all of it but I think the next picture is even better:

Yep, I took that one!  What do you think?

Some detail shots of the tower.  Why don't we decorate buildings like this in America?  I think a lot of American architecture is a snooze-fest.

Hey, you see what I did here?  The tower's not leaning!  I found a use for my crooked photography skillz, yay!


Alexis said...

Lol at the last picture!!

Liz Guidry said...

I really like your leaning tower photos with you and Lee. Great job!

Giffysk8s said...

I like these photos! We didn't go to Pisa. Kinda wish we had. I love your fun poses! My fave is the one you took with the tower and the statue.

I agree with Lee: I don't like people in my photos either. But people happen, so I go with it if I have to do so. :)

CCsMom said...

So I'm seeing how far I need to go back to get caught up with my posts to your blog. I was SURE I'd commented on this one -- LOVE the photos of you and Lee next to the tower. Can people go up inside? I think they could when my cousins were over there. How fascinating!