Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Last of the Rome Pictures...FINALLY!

Can I tell you how much I love this season?  The trees are starting to turn colors, Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner and I love those holidays, the weather is getting cooler...ok, so sometimes it gets a teensy bit cold for my taste, but that's a grand excuse to drink more tea (perhaps Lee is right about me turning British).  Got to go to the local grocery store this week, I'm almost out of Ceylon which is one of my favorite teas.  I even made a card for today's Splitcoast sketch challenge with a teacup on it (soon to arrive in my SCS gallery, and hey lookie, I put a link to it over on the right so you can find it easier!).

So anyway, at long last I have come to the end of the Rome pictures.  And dude, we went to four more towns after Rome, so I'll be posting Italy pics for a while yet.  First up, we ended up back near the Castel Sant'Angelo just when the light was perfect for taking some pictures, so Sarah and I hopped up on the wall of the bridge and mugged for the camera.

See, lovely lighting.  Then we switched off for couples photos.

Look at that handsome man of mine, I just love him.  Not thrilled with this pose though, that whole hands-on-the-stomach thing makes me think I look pregnant (I'M NOT, just to make that clear).

And there's the beautiful Sarah and her hubby Scott.  Aren't we all just gorgeous?  It's the lighting, I tell ya.  That and natural gorgeousness.

We went back to St. Peter's Square to take some more pictures in front of the basilica which we still didn't go tour.

I like taking pictures of statues and then making up funny captions or imagining what the statues are saying.

"Stop, in the name of looooove, before you break my heeeaaarrrt!"

 "What do you think you're doing?  Pick up that rubbish immediately!  These kids today..." *walks off muttering to himself*

"I am the ghost of Christmas past, and this is my friend, the...other ghost of Christmas past."

"Come over here, I'll introduce you to my little piggy.  And then I'll read you a scary bedtime story."

Here's Lee goofing off...Sarah liked these tiles that are set all around the square.  I took pictures of them as we passed each one but do you really need to see a dozen pictures of this same dude?  'Cause they just have different directions on them.

Huh.  My semi-amusing captioning skills have left me hanging for these last two statues.  I'll have to edit this later if I come up with anything funny.

The Piazza San Pietro was only like two or three blocks from our hotel, so we walked back down that direction and passed one of the Vatican's Swiss guards.

But no wait, that doesn't give you the full effect of this guy's outfit.  Behold!

He looks mighty proud of those poufy pants, dunnee?  How would you like that to be YOUR work uniform?

And that, my friends, is the end of our time in Rome, which means we get to move along to Florence next!  Stay tuned, I'm going to work on getting these posted more quickly.  No promises, but I'm gonna try.


Giffysk8s said...

I totally love the photo of you and Lee. And no, I didn't for one minute think you looked pregnant! It just looks like he's hugging his honey.

I am so LOL about your statue comments! I should have been doing this all along! I am so gonna do it in the future. One more thing I will have to credit to you. :)

BTW, my mama reads your blog! She totally loves it.

CCsMom said...

Loved Mr. Fancy Pants. And look, he's SERIOUS about it, too! Very nice photos!