Friday, November 23, 2012

My Verona, Part 2

Sadie update:  We took her to the vet today for a checkup and he's very, very pleased with her progress and happy that she's already putting weight on the leg when she walks.  She's got another 2 weeks of only coming out of the kennel a few times a day to go potty, and after her next appointment we'll start talking about some tiny amounts of exercise for her.  That's a long shot better than the first time around, when she was kennel-bound for a solid month.  She'll be wearing the Cone of Shame for a little longer while the incision heals but so far, we're happy and optimistic for a pretty quick recovery.  Yay!

So the first time I tried to upload pictures for this post, I got a nice little error message saying I had used up all of my 1 gig free storage for pictures.  Oops.  So I had to buy storage to keep sharing bazillions of pictures : )

Also, I'm trying out the post scheduling feature on Blogger so we'll see if this actually shows up when it's supposed to.  Lookit me trying to use technology.  Anyway, back to the pictures, and back to Verona.  We walked around the town, heading toward Castelvecchio and went past this bridge, so we stopped to take lots of pictures.

This is the not-as-crooked one.

We tried quite a few different focal points, different zooms, etc. but I think those two pics are the ones I like best.

Lee took this one 'cause he liked the trees.  We saw some beautiful fall foliage in Italy, and when we got back to England it was totally gorgeous here too.  Only now it's been raining quite a bit for the last several days, so we're back to damp and dreary.  In other words, England.  Dude, it got dark today before 4 o'clock.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this was taken in the courtyard at Castelvecchio.  There's a museum but we didn't go.

There's a bridge you can get to that's part of the castle grounds so the next few shots are taken from there.

Hey, that white bridge looks somewhat familiar.

Hey, who's that chick? : )  I liked the orangey red colors on the bricks.

And a closeup courtesy of Lee.

Lee climbed up on the other side of the bridge from where I was, and here you can see how important it is what direction you face for lighting purposes.  Always better to take pics with the sun behind you, otherwise everything looks all washed out.

We didn't go all the way across the bridge, but I thought this was a kind of neat picture of the farthest section of it.

We left the Castelvecchio bridge and walked down another little ways to take pictures of that bridge.  Know how I can tell we're in Italy?  Because there's a CRANE in the shot.  That happened lots of other times, especially in Florence.  And once in Paris.

Zoom in...

Zoom out.  Then we moseyed on back toward the arena and the gucci car garage and saw this:

Lee thinks that's a mean-looking fountain.  I wouldn't want to sit on it, that's for sure.

So I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We're in Salzburg and probably not eating turkey : )  Ta-ta for now, peeps!


CCsMom said...

Wonderful photos! Hope you had a super trip over the holidays. I am working on the house and thinking about getting out my Christmas ornaments. LOTS of work to do. Love you!

Giffysk8s said...

Ok, I need to ass Verona to my list of places I'd like to see. That bridge is pretty cool. Love the photos Lee took of you!
So jealous that you got to see so many autumn landscapes!