Thursday, November 8, 2012

Procrastination, Thy Name is Christy

I'm sitting in a hotel room and I *should* be doing my homework but instead I am finding new ways to procrastinate.  It's like a challenge since I'm limited to what's in the room...ok, so it would be a much harder challenge if I didn't have the Internet.  Hello giant time suck.  And I'm not even on Pinterest...I know better than to get into that mess.

So while I've been looking for more excuses to shirk my homework assignment for the week, I came across some pictures that I'd never posted on here before.  Several months ago (like June, maybe?) there was a party for Lee and his coworkers in Nottingham.  (Yeah, THAT Nottingham.)  They had costumes for everyone and we had dinner and played games and lots of people got drunk (not me).

Not Lee either, though he does have a Guinness in his hand.  Me?  Water.  And I'm an enchantress.  With a crown, so that makes me Queen Morgan le Fay.  I can deal with that.

Here is my friend Carrie, whom we are convinced was the basis for Merida in Brave.  Scottish--check.  Wild curly hair--check.  Archery--check!

Yeah, they had a couple of archery targets and won't-poke-your-eye-out arrows for us to play around with.  Don't these guys look like they just walked off the set of Monty Python and the Holy Grail?  (There was much quoting of the movie this night.)

That helmet wasn't part of the costumes, it's an actual helmet and it weighs about six hundred pounds.

Here's the scene at dinner, long tables and entertainment.  The food was bland and the entertainment was okay I suppose...silly games, silly songs, things to embarrass people.

And there's me and my honey pie.  And now I suppose I really should go do that homework since there's nothing on tv (I watched half of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull yesterday, so you know my tv standards aren't too high here).  Just one more class after this one and I'm never going to school again!  Well, unless it's for something fun, like photography or crafty things, something that doesn't involve essays.  Ha!


CCsMom said...

LOVE the photos. What fun times!!! And of course you chose PURPLE for your dress!

CCsMom said...

Interesting thought -- Dad was at the congressman's office yesterday interviewing candidates for academy scholarships yesterday. One of the applicants said his most prominent downside is procrastination and so an interviewer asked more about it. The interviewer told the applicant that highly intelligent people are the ones who procrastinate the most . . . hmmm, that explains a lot!

Giffysk8s said...

Looks like fun, especially since you got to be Queen Morgan le Fay! I noticed how long your hair was. I am pretty sure it's shorter now. I think I tried to comment on that in a different post but Blogger insisted I was a robot. :) Going to go look for that post now.