Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Square One

Sadie had her surgery yesterday, and we picked her up this evening.  The vet said the surgery went well; the implant from the first surgery HAD failed (the line holding the joint in place snapped), so he doubled up on the line this time to make it twice as strong, which is what he would do for a dog twice Sadie's size.  But she needs that too because she's Sadie and she's crazy like that.  Right now she's still got the compression bandage on; that will come off tomorrow but the vet wanted it to stay on for tonight and Sadie is not happy about it.

Pink is not my favorite color.
(Luckily, Sadie doesn't read the blog so she doesn't know her picture is up on here unless Lee tells her.)
I don't care if you gave me peanut butter, I still want to kill you.
It was really, really hard just to get her in the car.  The compression bandage is there to keep her from bending that leg at all, but since she's Sadie, she squirms like crazy all the stinkin' time and she's caterwauling and all of a sudden I see that hot pink leg sticking out at a completely wrong angle to the rest of her body.  I was absolutely terrified that we'd snapped her leg in half trying to get her in the car so I was flipping out just about as much as Sadie (to be honest, I still feel frazzled).  The vet was out there with us and we finally got her settled; he said with another dog he'd be quite concerned with the amount of noise she was making, but she acted like that the first time she had the surgery too.  He says she's not a brave girl when she first wakes up from the surgery and at this point I'm convinced that Sadie is me in dog form, I imagine I'd be a total weenie after surgery too.

So now we've had her home for about two and a half hours or so.  The vet told us we were in for an uncomfortable evening and he definitely had that right.  She keeps trying to shift around to get comfortable but it just ain't happening with that giant pink leg, so she's whining a bit.  She conked out for a while but she keeps waking back up a lot.  And when we first got her in the kennel, she drank a TON of water so at some point this evening we're going to have to figure out how to get her outside to relieve herself.  Oh, this just keeps getting more fun.  It took some doing, but I got her to eat enough bread and peanut butter that she got her antibiotics down...she wouldn't take the bread from Lee, he was too chintzy with the peanut butter...Mom's got it handled!  I slathered that bread with the good stuff for her.  You can see the rest of it still in her dish, I'm just happy I got her to take the medication.

Vader has been acting a little weird too, he's left food in his bowl the last two nights.  Even the lady who runs the kennel commented on how much Vay lurves his food, so this is really atypical for him.  Maybe he's worried about Sadie too?  I don't know.  He has been enjoying going on walks though...Sadie is *really* going to hate it when we leave her in the house tomorrow to go walk without her.

We figure that maybe Sadie's problem the first time around was that she can't get traction on the wood floors downstairs, and her skidding around might have been what made the implant fail.  So to counteract that, I went out today and got five area rugs to kind of help in the spots where she has the most trouble.  This big green one (it's even really close in color to our couches, dang I'm good) is in the entryway at the foot of the stairs and I think it's going to be called the landing pad from here on out.  Sadie tends to barrel down the stairs like a furry black cannonball and then slide all over the entryway...we've seen her bodyslam into the door when she couldn't brake fast enough.  The other rugs are in the living room in the most skid-ariffic zones, including two in front of her kennel, so here's hoping that helps once she's recovered enough to be walking around the house.

So we are back at square one for surgery recovery.  Here's hoping that we have better luck transporting her tomorrow.


Giffysk8s said...

Hiya Miss C!

I have tried and tried and tried to comment on your blog, but Blogger must have thought that I'm a robot because it has steadfastly refused to give me the password to prove otherwise.

I am so so sooooooooooo sorry that Sadie had to have another surgery! Poor girl. :( I'm also sorry that you have to go through all of this again. I know how much you love her and must be hard to see her suffering.

Hoping you get some sleep tonight! Please give Sadie a hug from me.

Amber Hight said...

Poor baby girl:( I'm so sad for her!! And for you too, I'd be a wreck if my boys were in pain! You're doing a great job with her, keep it up love!!