Friday, November 2, 2012

The Quarry, Part 5

A new month means stitching progress photos, so here they are.  October's project was The Quarry:

And here's how far I've gotten:

I'll be honest, it's less progress than I hoped, but this pattern is really tough since it's practically ALL confetti stitching.  When you get down to doing random stitches in the middle of an area that's mostly stitched in, it gets harder and harder to get the needle through the fabric, and I kinda had a divot in my middle finger where the skin kept peeling from pushing the needle through.  But I did finish all the pages on the left-most side of the project.  It's just a teensy bit depressing to see exactly how much area is left to be done.

Closeup of the area I was working.  At least the electric blue/purple blends are fun to stitch with (I like bright colors).  I stitched 2,837 stitches last month for a total of 28,727 done (almost 22% of the pattern).  So I still have just 102,241 left to go *raspberry*  Maybe next time it comes up in the rotation I'll be a bit more motivated to get some good progress made.  For now, I'm sort of relieved to be moving on to the next project:  Eilonwy!

One more thing...if you want yet more proof that geeks are the best kind of people, just read this story here.  Ok, so I'm not quite devoted enough to be in the 501st Legion, but I respect the people who are. It's a wonderful story!


CCsMom said...

This is going to be gorgeous. I cannot believe you have this much patience. I don't know if I could make something so intricate -- beautiful.

Giffysk8s said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors! This makes me want to stitch this. I'll be 90 before I get to it, but still...