Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas at Our House

Hope everyone out there had a merry Christmas or other midwinter celebration of their choice ; )  Lee and I had a wonderful time...just us two for Christmas Eve and then for Christmas Day, we spent the afternoon and evening at some friends' house, stuffed ourselves silly on delicious food and played games like Catchphrase, Uno, and Skip-bo.  I love me some card games and you really need more than two people for most of them, so to me that was just awesome!  We had to explain what we meant when we said "Missy draw" during the Uno games...when we played Uno all over China, Missy would consistently draw just one card from the stack and get something she could play while the rest of us would have to draw a half dozen at least.  Now it's an official Uno term (in our house at least!).

So for today I have a few Christmas Eve pics from our house.

There's me with my favorite Christmas brother just got home from a 6-month deployment to Afghanistan and that's where the rug is from.  That's not my favorite thing though, it's the card I'm also holding--Adam had all the people in his unit sign it to say thanks for all the cookies.  And it also says May the Force be with you, just to increase its awesomeness.  'Cause Adam knows me.  (I also got Star Wars shot glasses and a Star Wars cupcake decorating kit, and those were from two people who don't even know each other.  That made me giggle.)

Lee says "If it weren't for your parents, I'd never get new clothes."  He also got several new long-sleeve shirts and the annual pair of boxers from my mom...we're not entirely sure why she buys him boxers every year, but it's a thing.  (This year's were Superman.)

I cracked up when Lee opened we just need to figure out where to put it!  Don't want it to get too messed up by dirty doggy paws.  Vader barks every time he thinks he hears something, and sometimes he'll be dead asleep and wake himself up with a bark.  I think he's got doggy Tourette's.

Self-portrait, Christmas edition.

And here's the aftermath...had to take a pic of the wrapping paper (though quite a bit of it had gone into the fire by then) and the funny Merry On sign that my mom sent.

Lee took today off work too and we cleaned up the house so now I'm extra happy.  And this weekend we're going to London to meet Vicki in person!  Several weeks ago we had dinner at our British neighbors' house, and I told them I was going to meet my online friend soon, and they said she's probably really an elderly male axe murderer.  My mom says no way, she's seen Vicki's picture on her blog (you believe everything you see on the Internet, Ma?) so I asked Vicki herself and she says she's not elderly or male, but the axe murderer bit is true.  So on Sunday I'll meet her AND her axe, bwahahahaaa!


CCsMom said...

Well -- this was nearly as good a being there in person! LOVE the photos and so glad you had a good time. We had a good one, also -- and you KNOW your names were brought up during our get-together. Hope Lee's other box gets there . . . I'm thinking the card with the photos of the gift I couldn't send was in that box also or you would have mentioned it here. SHOOT! But you had fun anyway. Merry Christmas and happy NEW YEAR. I'll SEE you soon! Love you!

Giffysk8s said...

Looks like Christmas was nice and comfy at your house. But I am disappointed that you didn't post a photo of Lee's new boxers. Ha ha!

Beautiful rug! Where'd you put it?