Thursday, December 13, 2012

Salzburg, Part 1: The Sound of Music

So, before Thanksgiving, Lee got a cold.  I held off for a while before I caught it (though not as severe as Lee had it).  Lee started to get better, then he got hit with round 2.  Guess what happened when I got up today...oh yeah, round 2 has started for me too.  I feel like a plague rat.  And since I've had about 6 cups of tea today, I'm a well-hydrated plague rat.  At least I got my Christmas cards and 90% of the presents sent off in the mail before this hit.

So let's move on to something not related to the our Thanksgiving trip to Salzburg!  We ended up going with a group of 7 other people, though somehow I don't have pictures of most of them.  I do have this however:

It's the Kare/yns!  That's Karen on the left and Karyn on the right.  Add in our friend Carrie (the four of us had lunch together today) and I think I need to change my name.  So anyway, the one full day we were in Salzburg, the four of us (Karen, Karyn, Lee, and me) decided to do a hop on/hop off bus tour of Salzburg to see some of the sites associated with The Sound of Music.

I forget the name of this place, but it was used for some of the exterior shots of the rear of the house when you're looking out on the lake (remember when Maria and the children fall in?).  It's privately owned though so this is as close as the tour buses get.

That is Festung Hohensalzburg, the fortress in the mountains adjoining the city.  We went up there later on, but I thought I'd include this picture because I think it's pretty good considering it was taken from the window of a moving vehicle.

One of the other stops is Schloss Hellbrunn, which was also used as an exterior for shots of the Von Trapp mansion (I noticed the yellow walls in the scene where Maria is singing "I Have Confidence" on her way to the mansion).  Bonus:  there's a Christmas market there, so that (above) is what the Christmas markets look like.

Just 'cause I liked the decorations : )

Look, it's Rolf and Liesl's gazebo from "Sixteen Going On Seventeen"!  In the movie, the gazebo wasn't located at Schloss Hellbrunn but that other place, but it was a movie prop and they donated it to the city of Salzburg after filming and eventually it was moved here.

Lee saw that giant reindeer and started talking about how much fun it would be to tump that thing off in my parents' front yard in the middle of the night as a surprise.  So, Mom, Dad, if you happen to receive a giant reindeer...IT WASN'T US.

We stopped for hot chocolate in a little cafe to warm up, and then continued on out into the gardens and I liked this dog statue.

'Nother shot of the schloss...I don't think I'd paint my house that color, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

This is my attempt at an artsy statue shot.  How'd I do?

Couldn't pick just one shot of the unicorn statue.

Just because the swan is pretty : )

You can tell I took that picture because once again, it leans to the left.  I have got to get my V-8 today.

Haven't a clue what building this is, but Lee took this when we got off the bus to climb up to Nonnberg Abbey, where Maria was a postulant before encountering the von Trapps.  Something odd that I noticed:  throughout the movie, the family is referred to as "the von Trapp family", but when you tool around Salzburg and read the signs, they're always referred to as "the Trapp family".  Just thought that was interesting.

Tree branches for Miss Vicki!

We took so MANY pictures overlooking Salzburg that I'm trying to pick only the ones that are particularly interesting.

My new band name:  Christy and the Karens!  Yes?

And here's the abbey forecourt.  They used the actual abbey for exterior shots in the movie, but not the inside because it's inhabited by a cloistered order.  The fact that there are still cloistered orders of nuns boggles my mind.  Think they have Internet?

Graves inside the abbey's court.

View back down to the city as dusk falls.  You can see a gold ball in the lower left corner of the picture...

...which is this rather odd statue.  I vaguely remember reading something about it in Rick Steves' guide to Salzburg, and it has something to do with an annual statue contest or something and this was the winner one year.  Ooohhhhkay.  Sometimes art is weird.

View back up to the fortress atop the hill.  We climbed up to the entryway (oy, more climbing!), but it was about to close so we decided to come back the next day.

Hope you enjoyed the first glimpse of Salzburg! : )  I'm off to drink more tea.

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Giffysk8s said...

Loving your tour through Salzburg. It would be so much fun to see all of these Sound of Music sites. I think the soundtrack will be playing through my head all day now, which is fine. :)