Thursday, December 20, 2012

Salzburg, Part 2: Drama

Thought I'd get the rest of the Salzburg photos posted before the apocalypse tomorrow.  Know what I forgot to put in the last Salzburg post?  We got to the airport (Stansted, here in the UK) and the security guy was real chatty.  He wouldn't let me go through the line till I answered a bunch of questions:  "Where you from?  Where in the States?  The capital of Texas is Austin.  (Yes, I know that one.)  So in what state do you find Mount Rushmore?"  Lucky for me, I knew that one too.  Karen laughed, she went through the line on the other side and got through without playing Jeopardy.  Then when we arrived at the airport in Salzburg, there was a sign on the baggage claim that said "There are no kangaroos in Austria.  See information kiosk for more info."

So anyway.  We left off after the hop on/hop off bus tour.  So on Saturday morning, we got up and decided to go to Hohensalzburg since we'd missed it the day before.  But first we had breakfast at a bakery (mmm, pastries.  But mineral water is GROSS).

This is a view of Hohensalzburg from the Mirabellplatz gardens.  We need more words like "platz" in English, it's just fun to say.  Platz platz platz!

PLATZ.  Ok, I'm done now.

The gardens have several mythologically inspired statues and I don't care what my computer says, "mythologically" is totally a real word.

If you watch The Sound of Music carefully, you can see the gardens with these whimsical patterns in the background.  Check it out when Maria and the children are singing Do Re Mi.

Karen likes unicorns with beards.

The steps behind us were also in The Sound of Music, the Maria and the children sing part of Do Re Mi on them.

Then we got to all the abduction statuary.

I'm going to hazard a guess that this is Paris and Helen, 'cause Helen looks happy to be abducted.

So maybe this one is Hades abducting Persephone, who is less happy about it.

I'm thinking this is Aeneas carrying his father Anchises away from Troy, and that's Aeneas' son Ascanius on the right.  Otherwise, if he'd intended to abduct a woman, then he's a "should have gone to SpecSavers" commercial.

This was off in the corner, Aphrodite in her bath.  She's depicted like this so often in artwork that Karen and I think she spent most of her time bathing where she could "accidentally" be seen by hot young men.  They really don't need the encouragement given how many women are abducted and ravished in Greek myth.

One last statue of a chick with grapes just because I thought it was kind of neat the pattern on the stone.

That is Mozart's house, which we toured with the group on Friday.  No pictures allowed inside, but it was pretty interesting.  Mozart is not one of my favorite composers (I gravitate toward the Russians, Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade is one of my favoritest pieces EVER) but the audio guide did play snippets of a lot of his best-known works.  And touring the house kinda makes me want to see Amadeus again.

View of the river, just 'cause the sky looked cool.  So we happily trudged through Salzburg and got to the gondola to go up to the fortress when Lee discovered his wallet was missing.  WHAT.  So we RAN back through the town to the cafe where we bought breakfast and sure enough, that's where it was.  And there was much rejoicing.  So that was our minor setback for the trip and then we had to walk all the way back through the town a third time to get back to the fortress.

Soooo a lot of the rest of the pictures are just random views from the fortress.

Giant door inside Hohensalzburg.

I'm  not sure I want to eat at a place that has a picture of a boar's head outside it.  Call me crazy, I don't want my food looking back at me.

This was above one of the doorways.

Inside the fortress.  There are a few museums inside, including a marionette museum which we sadly missed (though our friends who went the day prior said it was creeptastic).

I don't know where this was from?  I got tired of holding the camera so Lee took a lot of today's pictures.

Think this is a chapel inside the fortress...and hey, there's that dude from the picture before this one above the door.

This was in one part of the fortress where they had some bits of furniture and historical stuff.  Lovely carving on this, huh?

And a cool ceiling.  How come most places in America have such boring ceilings?

And that's it for Salzburg.  Glad I finally got these pictures up; been running slow with this cold I've got.  At least now I don't feel too bad anymore other than my ears popping a lot and the constant need for Kleenex.  I think Lee and I need to Clorox the whole house this weekend.  Until next time!

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Giffysk8s said...

I've never been to Austria but have the itch to go. Your photos made me itchier. :) For some reason, I didn't realize that there would be so many depictions of Greek mythology there. Interesting.

And I concur~mineral water is GROSS!