Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goals for 2013

They say that you're more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down, right?  And even more so if you share them?  If that's true, then maybe this will help me.  Here are a few goals I have for this year, in no particular order.

1.  Finish my master's degree.  My last class starts on Monday, and then I'll have to do a comprehensive exam.  I just want to stick a fork in this degree!

2.  Work on scrapbooks for Lee and me.  To that end, my goal is to do 100 scrapbook pages, so about one double-page layout per week.  And I want to do that NOT counting baby books (so I kinda hope my friends and family will quit procreating so rapidly to help me out with this).

3.  Finish the two baby books I started last year and both the babies have arrived and I still lack 1/3 of each book.  Oops.  Umm, let's call that a goal for January.

4.  Update our personal cookbook.  So I did that massive cookbook project last year, and we've tried (and liked) lots of new recipes, but I haven't updated our own cookbook in a very long time and I'm tired of always looking for the printouts of recipes because they're not organized.  I even had my mom send me a divided file folder thing to organize all the recipes I want to try, and I did put a bunch in there, but I've got a stack an inch tall that hasn't been organized yet.  And more recipes in piles in the kitchen, my craft room (??) and the computer room (where the printer is, so that makes marginally more sense).

5.  Stamp and mail out cards...and hopefully more or less on time for birthdays, etc.  What with posting new cards every weekday over on Snadpragon Stamps,  making the cards is working out pretty well so far and I've been doing not so bad with mailing them too.  So this is kind of a maintenance goal.

6.  The ever-popular work out and eat better.  Since Karen moved here I've got a gym buddy (classes start up again next week) and I've even been going to the gym on my own the last week, so let's just make this a habit.  I just need to not sample quite so many cookies when I make care packages ; )  The first challenge to this one is when I go home to Texas in a few weeks for my birthday...HELLO, Panera Bread!  Tony's!!  SONIC!!!  But I'll try.

7.  Be happy.  Kind of a nebulous goal, but I like having 7 goals and this seems like a good one.  And fun to work on, right?

Hugs & kisses, peeps!

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CCsMom said...

I'm already thinking about #1. Mom