Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Birthday to My One and Only!

Just wanted to say happy birthday to my better half, the light of my life, the cream in my coffee...if I drank coffee.  I'd say the milk in my tea but that sounds weird and no one ever says that.

I love you pieces sweetheart!  You're my favoritest person in the whole wide world and I can't wait till you get back home because I miss you lots.

So there's Lee with our girl Sadie.  We got some good news about Sadie today:  she had what will be her last visit to the vet, barring any further injuries.  Now we just have to work on taking her for walks every day and strengthening her leg up again.  Even better:  she's been given the green light to go up and down the stairs so long as we keep her from charging up like Teddy Roosevelt on San Juan Hill.  This makes me happy beyond all reason because I've been feeling guilty leaving Sadie downstairs by herself so much (I can't carry her up the stairs like Lee does, and he's not here), and so I've been trying to spend more time down there with her and consequently not getting things done upstairs.  But today she got to accompany Vader and me upstairs and I finally got my essay written for class.  Good thing too, since it was due today.

So yeah.  I think I'd describe my mood as buoyant.  Giddy, even.  It's the little things in life that give the greatest pleasure:  having Sadie upstairs, tacos for dinner, rewatching The Princess Bride.  Oh yes, there is and never will be a better movie to watch on Valentine's Day than The Princess Bride.  I got some weird looks from Sadie because I kept quoting along with the movie (Mom says that's highly annoying and she won't watch this movie with me anymore.  Or The Empire Strikes Back.  And probably Ghostbusters.)  It was so wonderful and it's been way too long since I last watched it, so I have a feeling that I'll be having a repeat performance tomorrow.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day, and happy birthday again to my own Valentine.  Love you pieces, sweetheart!

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Lee said...

I love you! Happy Valentine's Day my one and only.