Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rain Blossoms, Part 1

Well, as of early Friday morning, I am back in England and I have two very happy (and stinky) dogs.  I had a great time in Texas visiting my parental units (and shopping), and I got to see more family and some high school friends (plus I did a lot of shopping).  However, it's always nice to be back in my own house even though Lee's gone for a while (and there is much less scope for shopping).  I'll have to post some Texas pics in the next few days.

For now though, I have a brand-new stitching project to share--I know, two stitching posts in a row!  Since I finished up Miranda (and you saw in my last post that she's now framed and beautiful and living at Mom's house for now), I decided to add a new project in the rotation:  Rain Blossoms by Lilian May Miller.

So it seems like 99% of what we own is blue (Lee's color), or green or purple (my colors), and this one has all three, plus the Japanese subject matter and I just plain really like it.  I debated for a while about whether or not to start this one now or if I should just keep rotating the three other projects I already had started, but in the end I decided to go for it.  This one is smaller than the other projects, it's on 16-count rather than 18 so it's a bit easier to work, and it's kind of nice to have a relatively "easy" project to break up the other three since they're all pretty intense (depending on what section I'm working for each one).  I say this one is smaller, and it is, but while Miranda was 39,894 stitches, Rain Blossoms is half again as large at 60,300.  The next smallest project is Eilonwy, and she's 126,000, just to put that in perspective : )

So here's my start on Rain Blossoms.  At first it's always daunting to see how much empty space I have to fill with stitches, but it's so fun to look at all the progress pictures and see the scene slowly emerge.  Here's a closeup of what I worked on this month:

So the planty-viney things on the left were a bit eye-crossing with lots of confetti stitching and color changes, but things went much faster when I got started on the sky.  Sometimes I work projects based on pages, trying to finish all of one before moving on to the next one, but for this one I think I'll work it in chunks:  next time I'll do that left-most umbrella, then move on to the left-most part of the bridge and kind of work my way down the left side of the pattern.

Even though I had the trip back to Texas, which meant several days where I didn't stitch at all (due to travel or jet lag, take your pick), I still managed to do 6,499 stitches on this project, which ain't too shabby.  That's over 10% done in just one month.  There was a sale earlier in January on DMC floss, so Mom kindly got me the rest of the floss I needed for this project as well as two other Scarlet Quince projects that I plan to start as I finish the ones in my current rotation, though I probably won't finish *any* of the projects for at least a couple of years, bare minimum.  And since this one is so much smaller than the other three, Rain Blossoms will probably be the first one done, but that's okay.  February's project is The Quarry, which I think will probably end up being the most difficult one of the entire bunch since it's about 95% confetti stitching.  But I'm ready to tackle it again : )


CCsMom said...

You had so much time to stitch in Texas because I had to WORK, dog-gone it! But I sure enjoyed having you here although it took this weekend to recover. Ha! We did cover a lot of ground, didn't we? Love you, love you!!! Can't wait to see you in 5 months.

Giffysk8s said...

You are my stitching guru! But please don't ask how much I haven't accomplished...

Do tell: what are the SQ patterns?