Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snow What?, Part 1

Last month, before I left for Texas, we got some wintry weather here in England.  One time last year we got freezing fog and it made things look SO COOL and where was I with my camera?  Grrr.  So this time I made sure to go out and snap some photos.

The first few are from when we got something that wasn't as cool as the freezing fog, but it did really highlight how many spider webs there are in this village.  (Side note:  I found a spider hiding on my towel yesterday when I got out of the shower.  NOT COOL, arachnids.)

The freezing fog thing is hard to explain, it was different than frost or ice but looked--pardon the pun--really cool.  But these photos are okay I guess.

Spider webs all across the top of this fence by the village church...must be a good spot to hang out talking to all your other eight-legged friends while waiting for unsuspecting bugs to fly by.

Looks kinda gloomy, doesn't it?  And now I'm suddenly starting to think about that giant evil spider from the Lord of the Rings...

You can see what a gray day it was when I took this first set of pics.  Looks like they uploaded out of order a little bit, but the rest of them are from after we got quite a bit of snow and it stuck to all those spider webs.

I really liked taking this one through the decorative hole in the fence, though it's not quite as well in focus as it could be.

You know how thin spider webs are usually?  Check out how much frost stuck to these ones.  They were about as wide around as yarn.

Tree branches in my backyard.

I love how the frost outlined each individual leaf.

And there's the back side of our house; that upstairs window is to the computer room (where I'm sitting right now, imagine me waving) and the one below is the dining room.  The snow day photos from today were all taken in my backyard, but I've got some more from out around the village for next time.  Until then!


Thoughts by B and M said...

Love all the spiderweb photos - really neat!

Amber Hight said...

Okay, there are WAY too many spiders in England!!! I do love the pictures though, espcially the leaves outlined in frost, so awesome!!

Giffysk8s said...

Super awesome photos! I'm not a fan of arachnids, though I do find their webs to be quite intriguing. Considering that you live in Hogwarts country, I am reminded of Hagrid's not so tiny arachnid friends. Eeewwwww....