Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snow What? Part 2

Finally back with the second part of the snow pictures.  For some reason, even though I only go to the gym for about an hour a day, it seems to take up a lot more time than that!  That's my excuse for now, at any rate.  At least I'm hitting the gym, though last week I was sore from Monday pretty much till Sunday : )  As soon as I quit being sore, it was time to go back to the Monday night torture session really tough class.


One more branch in my backyard...I thought it looked kinda neat?

And this little cutie pie is my sweet Vader, sticking his tongue out at me : )  Ok, really he'd been eating snow (not the yellow kind, though he made a lot of that).

These trees are just on the other side of our backyard fence.  There's another picture of them coming up in a sec, but it looks like the pics loaded in a weird order because...

There's a spiderweb in the middle.  And the spiderweb was on our front porch.

Hey look, more trees!  And that's our fence on the right side of our backyard.  There's a farm behind our house that you can kinda see if you look out the upstairs windows.

Frosty plants!

So these are totally out of order, because it keeps going from front yard to backyard and back again.  This thing is a wind chime kind of deal that sits next to the pool.  Every so often one of the dogs will brush against it as they go past and it does make a pretty sound, though usually the wind doesn't really make it sound.  Which is odd, because we get a lot of wind sometimes.

Back in the front yard (actually out somewhere in the village)...it's like a naturally flocked Christmas tree!

I just kinda think it's fascinating how the snow/frost/ice/whatever highlights everything.

This house is a ways down the block from us and I can't remember why I thought this picture was cool enough to include, but the next one makes up for it.

This one might be my favorite one I took on the snow days.  It's a decorative part of a fence on a house across the street from the church (the bigger church, not the little one just up the road from me).

And this is part of a bench that was placed in honor of services to Feltwell performed by two people whose last names are Broadwater and Storey.  But I liked how the village name was frosted on the top of the bench.

Two more frosted leafy outline pics and that's all she wrote for the snow we had last month : )

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Giffysk8s said...

Love the frosty leaf edges!

Ok. I have decided that those simply cannot be real spider webs. I think Lee stole some of your Snow White DMC floss and wove those himself. Either that or you have some freakishly awesome web spinners in your yard.

Good to see Vader, but how is Miss Sadie doing?